Melt Blown Filter Cartridges

PP melt blown filter cartridge or PP spun water filter, PP filter, PP filter cartridge is the most widely used filtration consumable products in the not only domestic and industrial water treatment projects.

Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge

Cotton Wound Filter Cartridge is one kind of string wound water filters. It normally consist of high quality cotton yarn and stainless steel inner core, widely used in water treatment prefiltration and petro-checmial industries.

String Wound Filter Cartridge

Brother Filtration supply variety choices for customer’s different needs. We have PP string wound cartridge filters, cotton string wound cartridge filters and glass fiber cartridge filters. All the above can be with PP inner core or stainless steel inner core. It is decided by the application operation tempura and PH range.

Resin Filter Cartridge

Resin filter cartridge is back-washable widely used in Power Plants water treatment systems. The resin powered pre-coatable string wound water filters use high quality PP yarn during production.

Carbon Block Water Filter

Carbon block water filter construct of coconut shell, simultaneously remove free chlorine and organic chemicals. The filter is shaped by extruding premium grade activated carbon with food grade additives continuously. The strong and rigid structure will leak no extractable during filtration operation.

Carbon Pleated Water Filter Cartridge

Carbon pleated water filter cartridge is constructed with activated carbon and special fiber membrane matrix. Larger effective filtration area is provided by the activated carbon pleated filter cartridge. Unlike normal class 1 type carbon filters, only filtering sediment, chlorine, taste and odor.

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