Ultra H High Flow Filter Cartridge


Ultro H is 3M Cuno High Flow water filter cartridge replacement from Brother Filtration. 3M Cuno 7000 and 740B high flow water filter elements are both replaceable by Ultro H high flow filter cartridges. Radial and diamond shaped pleats are same to original design of 3M Cuno high flow cartridge filters. The special form of pleats standouts Ultro H high flow water filters among all the vertical pleated high flow water cartridge filters.

As the only one qualified supplier of 3M Cuno High Flow water filter cartridges equivalent in China, Brother Filtration pays more attention on the filter elements’ filtration performance instead of only the radial outlooking. Good quality membrane and scientific designed structure make Ultro H a very competitive option in the market.

Higher dirt holding capacity and longer service life, with further specifications of your large industrial water plant projects, Brother Filtration promises to offer you an over- satisfied pre-filtration engineering solution via Ultro H filter cartridges.


Features of Ultra H High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Innovative radial pleat technology;
  2. 1.5-3 times larger surface area than standard 6inch vertical pleat high flow water filter cartridge;
  3. “Twist to lock” seating mechanism provides positive seal;
  4. Friendly handle design easily for operator change out;
  5. Highly consistent performance;
  6. 100% constructed by advanced polypropylene media;
  7. Widely excellent chemical capacity;
  8. Lower initial pressure drop;

Advantages of Ultra H High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Large water capacity up to 500 GPM;
  2. Highly surface area to 20 m3;
  3. Smaller installation place;
  4. Easy and quick change out;
  5. Lower cost for operation and maintenance;

Applications of Ultra H High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Municipal Water
  2. RO Pre-Filtration
  3. Reclaimed Water
  4. Coolants
  5. Boiler Condensate
  6. Electronics Process Water
  7. Pharmaceutical

More Description




and others available

Recommended Change

Out Differentical Pressure

2.1 Bar @ 20℃
DimensionOD: 6.5’’ (165mm)

ID: 40mm

Maximum Flow Rate40’’ (1016mm) 80m3/h

60’’(1524mm) 115m3/h

Length40’’ (1016mm);

60’’ (1524mm)

Core/CageStrength Polypropylene
Max Operating


80℃ (High Temperature

Requirement is available)

OutsideRigid Hard Cage

(Standard Vertical Pleat)

Netting (Both Vertical pleat

and radial pleat)

O-ringEPDM/VITONFilter MediaMulti-media Polypropylene
ModelLengthMicron RatingMediaMax Flow RateRecommended Change –Out Pressure Drop
MAPH-P-010-40-E40inch1.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

80m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-030-40-E40inch3.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

80m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-050-40-E40inch5.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

80m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-100-40-E40inch10.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

80m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-200-40-E40inch20.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

80m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-400-40-E40inch40.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

80m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-010-60-E60inch1.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

80m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-030-60-E60inch3.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

115m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-050-60-E60inch5.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

115m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-100-60-E60inch10.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

115m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-200-60-E60inch20.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

115m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃
MAPF-P-400-60-E60inch40.0 MicronPolypropylene

Micron Fiber Media

115m3/h2.1 Bar @ 20℃