Water filtration has been widely used for various applications, such as industrial water treatment, whole house water purification, and seawater desalination. Though the different types of water filtration systems utilize, their objective is similar, to remove particles, contaminants, bacteria, or other undesired substances from the water.

What is the most common features for Water Filtration Systems

Plants need water filtration system in their production line, residents need water filtration system at home. Have you ever thought about what common features those different water filtration systems have? We summarize it for you and list the main characteristics in below.

The common feature of water filtration systems

Depth filter, bag filter, high flow filter cartridge, depth pleated filter cartridge, reverse osmosis, and ultrafiltration are all the common filter elements and filtration methods we use. Though the working principle may have some differences, there are still many common characteristics in this filtration system.

  • Chemical free

All filtration systems we provide are chemical-free, we don’t use chemical binder in filter cartridge production. And we use filter elements to separate and remove particles from water instead of chemical agents.

Chemical free

The filter elements trap or absorb the particles and contaminants while water passes through it. With the designed structure, the most of particles are left in the filter elements, and clear and pure water we can get after filtration. It is a safe and efficient method which suitable for many industries.

We can use it for the treatment of liquids for industries like food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and municipal water, which have strict requirements and high standards for safety, hygiene, and health.

  •  Need for pressure

Those water filtration systems need the required pressure to help them accomplish the filtration process. Especially the RO system, it reverses the natural phenomenon by external pressure, forcing the water to pass through the semi-permeable to remove the particles.

Need for pressure

The pressure is also a important factor to keep the normal operation of the filtration system. We can know when we need to change the filter elements by monitoring the data of differential pressure, which is an important indicator of the service condition of the filtration system.

  •  Regular maintenance and change-out for filter element

It is crucial and essential for the end users to clean or change the filter element based on a regular schedule. If the maintenance is not carried out in time, many further problems may occur.

Downstream machines may clog, and the efficiency and productivity of the whole production line may decrease badly. All these lead to longer downtime and higher maintenance costs.

Changing or cleaning the filter element is a necessity, only a good condition of all filter elements, can we have a perfect filtration performance.

Regular maintenance and change-out for filter element

Almost every water filtration systems need it, except the automative self-cleaning filters, which can automatically clean itself during filtration and filter liquids continuously.

  • Better water quality

That is for sure, a better water quality we can have after filtration. Filtration can remove the particles, contaminants, bacteria, viruses,es, and other substances with adequate micron ratings.

When water has been filtered, purer and cleaner water is produced. For people who have high requirements for drinking water, a filtration system is key to solve these needs.

Better water quality

Industrial water treatment is also in need of better water quality. With the help of a filtration system, particles and impurities that possibly damage the equipment can be eliminated. Also, sewage needs filtration to achieve the emission standards, so that the filtration progress the quality of the water.

  •  Improve efficiency and save time

The water filtration system is preferred by many manufacturers and residents because of its compact design and high efficiency. They usually occupy smaller footprints for installation and reduce the costs of maintenance.

Improve efficiency and save time

Brother Filtration also considered about the convenience when designed the filtration system which should be simple and easy to be installed and operated. Filtration systems can save time for industrial manufacturing and significantly improve the efficiency of the whole product line.

Additionally, the filtration systems from Brother Filtration are suitable for diverse industries and applications with competitive prices and superb ability.


Though different materials and technologies are applied to the different filter elements, filtration systems have many similar features through the basic design philosophy.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience and can provide you with not only all kinds of filter products but also better filtration solutions. If you want to know more about the water filtration system, please feel free to contact us.

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