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Built to guarantee the quality and supply

Brother Filtration is equipped with a professional and large factory to guarantee the quality and supply of our products. We have a filter cartridge factory and a housing factory, both of them are professional and reliable.

Brother Filtration cartridges filter factory has 8 lines for the production of high flow cartridge filter and reaches the yearly production capacity of 120,000 pcs. Also, we have another 4 lines in the factory for standard cartridges production, which has a production capacity of 700,000 pcs a year.

Our factory is clearly zoned and meets all standards. In the filter factory, we have a welding area, pleating area, packing area, and cutting area. Clear zoning not only ensures orderly production but also provides a better working environment for employees.

In our housing factory, where we invested, we have 45 workers with ASME welder licenses. With a 1500㎡footprint, Brother Filtration has the ability to manufacture 1500 sets a year.

We are always paying attention to technology, no matter in design or in production. Brother Filtration got 4 technicians for the housing factory and was certificated by ISO GB/T28001-2011, IDT OHSAS18001:2007, ASME CODED, and PED SEP.

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Facility Facts

Cartridge factory: 8 lines for high flow filter cartridges, 4 lines for standard cartridges.

Facility Facts

Housing factory: 1500㎡ footprint, 45 workers with ASME welder license and 4 technicians.


Our workers in cartridge factory and housing factory.

Our worker is welding a stainless steel filter housing

One of our staff is making a metal filter housing, carefully and intently.

The slogan hanging on the top of the factory, means safety first. It shows Brother Filtration’ principle for our workers.

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