Generally due to the high flow element cost is much higher comparing with conventional filters, clients would like to flush the filters in order to extend the service life, aim to reduce the O & M cost.

How to operate?

Case 1:

Max T High Flow cartridge filter (Retrofit of Pentair Aqualine)

Why client flush the high flow cartridge filter?

Location: Gulf area

①Rewash with a pressure water gun

remove big partials                                                               ② Cleaning in FRP housing
















Whats the Challenge?

When flushing with a high-pressure water gun, excessive pressure will cause irreversible physical damage to the outer membrane

20210406-3-4Our solution

Increase the stiffness of the screen.

Q: It’s hard for factory to improve the netting quality? What’s your challenge?

A: Yes, there are indeed challenge.

Challenge: Factory needs to have a better machine and technology to allow rigid netting fitting well with filter membrane inside


Q: What is the benefit after netting improved?

A: The improved netting is more rigid, and not easy to be broken after being flushed.

After testing internally, the life time of MAX-T high flow cartridge filter can reach to twice as original after flushing by water mixed with chemicals.


Case 2

3rd generation of Brother Filtration Max A (retrofit of Pall high flow multiple)


Application: Power plant

Location: Asia

Client: ‘We put last fouled 1 micron into dilute HCL aci.

And washed them, their pressure becomes almost same as new ones.’

50%+ maintenance cost saved for the plant.


Use chemical solution, and repeat process step①, this is another solution for some applications.

Use correct chemical to dissolve some soluble ionic compound, and then use physical method to wash the filters.   

As a top manufacturer in China, we are able to provide customized proposals according to different filtration conditions. This is our Brother filtration’s advantage as well, we have a strong R&D team, strive to bring customer qualified(equal or even better quality then premium brand) but much more cost-effective products.


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