If you are also in the filtration field, you may also find that many end users like to flush the high-flow cartridge filter to reuse it. It is not surprising, because the cost of a high flow cartridge filter is relatively high when compared to the conventional filter cartridge.

Why client flush the high flow cartridge filter

By flushing and cleaning the dirt-high flow cartridge filter, its service life of it can be extended and the O&M costs can be reduced.

Also, to some extent, reusing the high-flow cartridge filter is a green and environmentally-friendly way. Are you also interested in how to flush and clean your high-flow filter cartridge? Let’s have a look at the following article.

How to operate?

When do you want to flush your high-flow cartridge filter, and what right steps you should do? We have taken the Max-T high flow filter cartridge and Max-A high flow filter cartridge as examples.

Case 1: Max-T high flow cartridge filter ( a perfect replacement to Pentair Aqualine)

How to operate max-t

Location: gulf are

Steps: 1. Rewash with a pressure water gun to remove big partials

Rewash with a pressure water gun to remove big partials

2. Cleaning in FRP housing

Cleaning in FRP housing

The challenges they met

When flushing with a high-pressure water gun, excessive pressure will cause irreversible physical damage to the outer membrane.

The challenges they met

Our solution: Increase the stiffness of the screen.

Q: It’s hard for the factory to improve the netting quality? What’s your challenge?
A: Yes, there are indeed challenges. That factory needs to have a better machine and technology to produce rigid netting to fit well with the filter membrane inside.

Q: What is the benefit after netting is improved?
A: The improved netting is more rigid and strong, and not easy to be broken after being flushed.

After testing internally, the service time of the Max-T high flow cartridge filter can reach twice as original after flushing with water mixed with chemicals.

Case 2: 3rd generation of Max-A high flow cartridge filter( a perfect replacement to Pall multiple high flow water filter cartridge

 Power plant

Application: Power plant

Location: Asia

Client: Putting the last fouled 1 micron into dilute HCL acid and washing them, the pressure of the Max-A high flow filter cartridge becomes almost the same as the new ones. The result is more than 50% of maintenance cost has been saved for the plant.

The common process to flush the high-flow filter cartridge is to use a chemical solution, and repeat process steps 1. This is another solution for some applications. Don’t forget to use the correct chemical to dissolve some soluble ionic compound, and then use the physical method to wash the filters.

Tips for cleaning

Tips for cleaning
  • When using a high-water pressure gun, please do not focus on flushing on one point
  • Repeated flushing is needed to make sure the high-flow cartridge is entirely clean
  • Proper chemical solution can be helpful
  • Carefully open, take out, and put the filter cartridge back into the filter housing
  • Don’t forget to turn off the pump before opening the filter housing


The high-flow filter cartridge is relatively expensive but still popular in the market. It is a powerful and effective filter cartridge.

When the user flushes it correctly, its service time can extend twice as original, which is cost-saving and environmentally friendly. So that more and more end users begin to wash their high-flow filter cartridges and reuse them.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience, and designs and manufactures all kinds of filter products, especially high-flow filter cartridges. We not only manufacture filter products but also provide our clients with better filtration solutions.

We are willing to solve all kinds of filtration problems. If you still have problems flushing your high-flow filter cartridge or you have any questions about filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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