Reverse osmosis systems are widely used in industries that require high-quality water, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and electronics. The efficiency and longevity of reverse osmosis systems depend on the quality of the filter elements used. Substandard filter elements pose a significant risk to the performance and lifespan of reverse osmosis systems.

In this case study, we will explore the cost risk associated with using substandard filter elements in reverse osmosis systems through a real-life example.


A manufacturing company in the pharmaceutical industry was experiencing frequent breakdowns of its reverse osmosis system, resulting in production downtime and significant financial losses.

The reverse osmosis system was fitted with filter elements designed to remove impurities and contaminants from the water, ensuring that the water meets the required quality standards.

Despite the regular replacement of the filter elements, the reverse osmosis system continued to fail frequently, causing production downtime and financial losses for the pharmaceutical company.


After self-examination, the company finally found out that it was unable to intercept all impurities and pollutants to protect the reverse osmosis membrane in the system because it had been using substandard filter elements.

substandard filter elements
substandard filter elements

This is the picture taken on site, from this picture, we  can see obvious the black contaminants ,impurities.

The reverse osmosis system now is shutting down due to RO membrane is blocked by these impurities, deris which itselves were interrupted via high flow cartridge filter.

The company looked for a company that can provide high-quality and qualified filter elements to replace the older substandard and ensure the effective operation of the reverse osmosis system.


In order to solve this problem, the pharmaceutical company came to Brother Filtration to replace all unqualified filter elements with high-quality filter elements that meet the requirements. The new filter elements were able to intercept all impurities and contaminants from the water, preventing the buildup of debris and particles in the reverse osmosis system.

the state of a qualified filter element after use

Actually one qualified high flow cartridge filter is as above picture, the inner layer is white and clean, which means all the impurities and debris are hold inside the membrane, the inner layer is the last protection layer, if “black”color is abnormal, if “white layer” is normal telling cartridges filter play well prefiltration role.

The pharmaceutical company also saw an improvement in the quality of the end-product, as the reverse osmosis system was now functioning at optimal levels. We suggested that this company should implement a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that the filter elements were replaced at the recommended intervals.

Cost Analysis:

In the case of the pharmaceutical company, the cost of a reverse osmosis system was 20,000 USD. A poor quality 60-inch filter element cost 60 USD, while a good quality filter element cost 80 USD. Assuming that the poor quality filter element has a lifespan of one month, 30 pieces are consumed; assuming a good quality filter element lifespan is 45 days, 30 pieces are consumed.

Cost Analysis

With the poor quality filter element, the cost of replacing the filter elements for one year would be 21,600 USD (60 USD x 30 pieces x 12 months). With the good quality filter element, the cost of replacing the filter elements for one year would be 19,200 USD (80 USD x 30 pieces x 8 months). This represents a cost saving of 2400 USD per year.

Why the filter elements provided by Brother Filtration are qualified

Brother Filtration offers a wide range of filter elements to meet the needs of the industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas market segments. Our filter elements also meet critical requirements requiring high and consistent filter media retention efficiency.

Below is part of our products–Depth Filter Cartridges, High Flow Filter Cartridges, Membrane Filter Cartridges, and Depth Pleated Filter Cartridges.

Brother Filtration High-quality filter elements

When selecting a qualified filter element, the raw material and the production process of the filter element should be considered. Of course, the relevant product certification also needs to be confirmed.

production technology

We have our own factory, and different filter elements are equipped with different production workshops, which can ensure the high quality of the products provided. At the same time, our production technology(welding, pleating, polishing and so on) is the most advanced and meets the standards, which can guarantee the quality of the products. Our production workshop has also passed multi-layer certification.


Brother Filtration would like to emphasize again that the cost risk of unqualified filter elements is very high, and it is particularly important to use high-quality filter elements that meet the required standards. Don’t let short-term cost discounts result in long-term losses. Contact us right away if you run into the same issue!


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