Filtration is also an essential part of the oil & gas industry in order to ensure the efficiency and quality of oil and gas digging. Generally, it is divided into three parts for the oil & gas industry, which are upstream, midstream, and downstream. Depending on the individual needs and characteristics of the different stages, the required filtration products are also different.

For upstream, the aim of filtration is to complete wells faster, increase oil recovery and production using high-quality injected water, treat produced water efficiently, and ensure continued production of stable or fractionated fluids.

For midstream, the reliability of midstream oil and gas processes is critical to keeping upstream production and downstream refining facilities online. The aim of filtration is to remove solid contaminants prior to pipeline transport and minimize downtime and optimize oil and gas midstream operations.

For downstream, the aim of filtration is to get better separation performance, improve efficiency, reduce maintenance downtime and extend the equipment lifespan. With the easier operation, refineries can get much better filtration performance and better quality of final products.

Brother Filtration, as a professional and experienced filtration expert, helps to solve all problems in the whole oil & gas process. Our filter products can fully cover all the needs of different stages. If you want to know more about the different filtration phases, you can read the introduction for upstream, midstream and downstream.

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