Metal Cartridge Filter

Brother Filtration launched a metal cartridge filter in July 2022.

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FRP-X Filter Housing Series

Brother Filtration launched a new product in April 2022, which is FRP-X filter housing series.

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Hot sharing meeting in Brother Filtration

Brother Filtration has carried a Sharing meeting since April. All brothers must give a speech in two hours without theme limit....

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Why client flush the high-flow cartridge filter?

If you are also in the filtration field, you may also find that many end users like to flush the high-flow cartridge filter to ...

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Whole Process of Biological Wastewater Treatment

Biological wastewater treatment, also called activated sludge treatment, is one of the most common and efficient ways to treat ...

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Quality identification of high flow filter cartridges

High flow filter cartridges can be regarded as a new trend and a new solution for the high flow requirement.

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What is a high flow filter?

High flow filter cartridge is the new trend in filtration market. It can fulfill the needs of large demanding industries and he...

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Tips to choose the filter element and tips to install filter element

Different materials and filter element are applied to the different operating conditions.

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