The key to business development lies in sustainability

Brother Filtration is a company that has a deep connection with the environment protection. What we manufacture, is for reducing pollution emission, and what we do is also environmentally-friendly.

Our cartridges and filtration systems help our customers, who are often plants in different industries, to reduce the discharge of contaminants in their liquids. In other words, we are also an important part of reducing pollutant emissions, and we are doing our part to protect the earth, preserve the environment and adhere to sustainable development.

Not only limited to water treatment, our cartridges can also filter oil, gas, and other things that contain contaminants. Our processing methods are in compliance with environmental regulations and criteria in addition to the fact that our products benefit the environmental protection.

How we do for sustainability?

Various solutions

Liquids, oil, and even air in the future, we provides filters for a wide range of applications to reduce the emission of pollution.

High-quality products

We can assure that all of our products do not contain and leak any harmful elements to the environment.

Normative production

We manufacture our products in accordance with all regulations and standards, and adhere to the principle of energy conservation and emission reduction.

High standard

All of our products are qualified and certificated by professional institutions guaranteeing filtration performance.

Advanced design and technology

We use advanced technology and design to maximize the life of our products and reduce the frequency of product replacement.

Manufacture Facility brother

Reducing polluted emission with our filters

Water resources are very valuable to us and to the entire planet. Sewage production will increase as more factories are established. Filtration of wastewater is getting more and more in need over time.

Brother Filtration manufactures a series of High Flow Filtration products for the growing demand. Our high-flow filtration system can handle large amounts of waste water and apply to a wide range of applications.

We have already assisted many plants with emissions, we helped them to meet the emission standard, and reduce the pollution in the liquids. In a way, we have relieved a lot of the burden of environmental pollution.

How to be Green

Brother Filtration leads by example and follows the principles of sustainability in all aspects of design and production.

Green Product

We produce all kinds of filter products to help solve water filtration and treatment problems. To reduce discharge of pollutants and harmful liquids.

Green Material

Brother Filtration adopts high-quality raw materials to manufacture filter elements or filter housings, which comply to regulations and release no harms.

Green Manufacturing

Brother Filtration produces and manufactures based on national laws and regulations. We try our best to save the energy and improve our efficiency and productivity.

Green Filtration

Our products have high efficiency, good quality and long service life, which to some extent maximize the use of materials and achieve environmental protection goal.

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