Our Mission And Vision

A efficient and green solution for filtration, make the world a better place

As a filtration specialist, Brother Filtration has been deeply involved in the liquid filtration industry. We will never stop at where we achieved, we’ll carry on our career in the liquid filtration industry and expand into oil and gas filtration.

Brother Filtration is committed to providing filtration solutions that reduce pollution emissions and reduce energy consumption for our customers worldwide. We have been following the footsteps of Industry 4.0 for green and sustainable production and operation.

We are willing to invest in research because we know that our production and R&D teams are our major pillars. We believe that advanced science and technology and high-quality products are the prerequisites to solving all filtration problems.

Petrochemical Industrial Water Treatment

Brother Filtration’s core value

As a company with a goal, we firmly believe that only the right values can contribute to better develop and maintain the vitality of the company.

advanced technology

Advanced technology

We pay attention to R&D, always use high technology to design and manufacture our products, and cooperated with Zhejiang Industry university for research.



We are originally an environmentally related company and have been helping various factories with their pollution discharge problems.


Customization available

It is important to listen to what our customers want and we do our best to meet all their special needs.

working environment

Good working environment

We not only care staffs working environment, but also pay attention to the health and safe of our workers in factory.


Creativity and innovation

Staying creative is the only way to keep up with the demands of customer needs.

At Brother Filtration, we use high-purity filtration solutions to improve our daily lives and help to solve the world’s toughest challenges. We focused on optimizing our plans, and continuing to offer additional value for our customers.

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chief manager

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