A porous medium is used in the process of filtering to remove solid particle matter from a fluid, which can be either liquid or gas. Because of its versatility, filtration is frequently utilized in the pharmaceutical sector to meet a wide range of applications. Different filtration techniques are required by the pharmaceutical business based on the type of solution being employed.

The pharmaceutical industry is closely related to each of our lives and our health, and therefore every step of the process must be strictly compliant and monitored. Due to the specific characteristics of the industry, the entire process must be sanitary and sterile, which places high demands on filtration consumables.

The need for filtration is not only limited to pharmaceutical water but is also reflected in pharmaceutical products. Whether it is pharmaceutical water or tank vent needed in the production process or finished products such as large volume parenteral(LVP), small volume parenteral(SVP), blood products, and ophthalmic solutions, they all need filtration to meet the required standards.

Since the characteristics of each process or product are different, they have different filtration purposes, so it is important to choose the appropriate filter equipment to complete the filtration.

Brother Filtration, as a professional and experienced filtration expert, provides perfect filtration solutions and sanitary filter products to support the pharmaceutical industry. To know more about pharmaceutical applications, you can read the detailed introduction in this classification.

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