For power generation plants, it is important to work continuously and uninterruptedly, which guarantees high efficiency. To achieve this, downtime has to be reduced and the equipment needs to be kept in better condition all the time. The proper filtration system needs to be applied here.

One of the primary issues with power generation is a reduction in efficiency brought on by the collection of particles. Even a thin layer of scale dramatically reduces heat transfer, which may need an unplanned system shutdown for cleaning.

One cannot undervalue the significance of filtering water before the boiler operation and filtering condensate. Both condensate and boiler feed water need to be effectively filtered to remove impurities from them and to avoid contaminants and the impact on costly equipment.

Filtering condensate and boiler feed water is actually a kind of protection for the subsequent equipment. When the filtration system is applied, in the interval, it can effectively improve productivity, reduce the maintenance time and costs of the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment.

Brother Filtration, as a professional and experienced filtration expert, designs and manufactures suitable filter cartridges and filter housings for treatment in power generation. If you want to know more about this industry, you can read the introduction for condensate and boiler feed water.

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