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High Flow Filters Cartridge

Brother Filtration is a leading manufacturer of water filter cartridges, especially in the high flow filter cartridge. We have OVER 50 types of high flow filters end connections that can well replace high flow cartridges from Pall, 3M, Parker, Pentair, and more.

High flow filter cartridges in Brother Filtration widely replace high flow filter cartridges of Pall Ultipleat, Pall Marksman, 3M 740B Series, 3M 7000 Series, Parker Mega Flow, Pentair Aqualine, etc. With a high flow rate, easy installation and quick change-out, High flow filter cartridges are widely used for different applications.

High flow filter cartridges filter to process liquids at a much higher rate than standard flow filtration systems. Some benefits of using a high flow liquid filtration system are that it increases the capacity for processing liquids and holding dirt, takes up less space, and creates less waste than traditional systems.

Brother high flow filters cartridges can keep unwanted particulate trapped within the filter. Thermal bonding of high flow sediment filters guarantees the integrity and eliminates glue or adhesives additives.

Greater Dirt Holding Capacity of High Flow Filters

We have full replacements for high flow filter cartridge of Pall Ultipleat, Pall Marksman, 3M 740B Series, 3M 7000 Series, Parker Mega Flow, Pentair Aqualine, etc.

Businesses that need to filter large capacities of liquids will find that high flow filtration is the best option. Most high flow liquid filtration systems are significantly larger than standard filters. The pleats, made of either a synthetic fiber or a polypropylene microfiber, efficiently remove particles from liquids at much higher rates, allowing for more effective filtration in less time.

The unique design of the pleated filters in a high flow filtration system catch and hold more dirt and contaminants than their slower flow counterparts. This is a significant benefit for businesses because the filters will not need to be removed for replacement or cleaning as often. In addition, the larger capacity for dirt will result in less filter replacement overall, which should lower long term costs of using the high flow systems.

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Features of a High Flow Filter

We Make Sure 100% Performance, Brother high flow filter possesses the following features:

  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Own high flow filtration system test
  • 80m3/h testing facility.
  • Online SDI Testing
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter count
  • 20inch, 40inch, 60inch wide range testing.
  • Superior strength supported by dense inner core
  • Filtration process from inside-out flow or outside to inside
  • Fast, easy, and safe filter replacement
  • Highly compatible with numerous brands of the standard high flow filter housing
High Flow Filters

Model Connection Max Pressure Filter Length
MF-80-150S-20 Side Port 150 Psi 20’’ (Other Length Available)
MF-80-150S-40 Side Port 150 Psi 40’’ (Other Length Available)
MF-80-150S-60 Side Port 150 Psi 60’’ (Other Length Available)
MF-80-150S-20 End Port 150 Psi 20’’ (Other Length Available)
MF-80-150S-40 End Port 150 Psi 40’’ (Other Length Available)
MF-80-150S-60 End Port 150 Psi 60’’ (Other Length Available)

  1. Multi membrane graded pore size structure ensures high dirt holding and long service life
  2. Rigid cage outside resist high pressure drop
  3. Strength inner core guarantees the great physical integrity
  4. Round connection design easy for the operator to handle and install
  5. 100% inspection before shipping
  6. High Flow filtration test making sure real data
  7. Modular design
  8. Match with FRP cartridge housing for large water capacity

Pall 60inch high flow filter for power generation plant

40inch high flow filter 5um for boiler water treatment.

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