Water treatment is most people’s first reaction to the concept of filtration, however, filtration is used in a wide range of applications in water treatment. Water filtration is much more than just water coming out of the tap. Industrial water and desalination are both important parts of it.

Our need for water for domestic and commercial purposes increases yearly as our population increases. We must not only do a good job of purifying our tap water to ensure that we have what we need for our daily lives. We also need to do a good job of purifying industrial water to protect our existing clean water resources, ensure industrial production needs and recycle water.

For many regions with drought and scarce freshwater resources, desalination is an important source of water. RO system is a perfect solution for desalination, also prefiltration is also essential in this process. Brother Filtration not only offers high-quality RO membranes and UF membranes but also manufactures a wide range of filter cartridges and filter housings, to provide a full filtration solution for customers.

One of the most valuable resources in the world is water. Brother Filtration, as a professional and experienced filtration expert, designs and manufactures high flow series, depth filter series, and depth pleated filter series for water treatment. If you want to know more about this industry, you can read the introduction for seawater desalination, municipal water and industrial water treatment.

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