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Meet Our People

Learn more about the work, opportunities, and career paths that our workers have been able to pursue, as well as what they value most about their jobs at Brother Filtration.


Meet Emma

Director of Wuhan sales branch

It has been 8 years since I joined Brother Filtration in 2014.

In the platform of Brother Filtration, from the very beginning to now, it is not only the past of spending youthful time and passion, but also the experience of self-improvement, and it is also the valuable three stages of my own, which echoes and complements my life of 30 years old.

All three stages are full of challenges, joy, pain, and growth.

In Brother Filtration, I have experienced a sense of achievement from 0 to 1;

In Brother Filtration, I have faced the challenges of transforming from a working youngster to a working mom.

In Brother Filtration, I have felt the achievement and joy of being a single-handed sales champion.

In Brother Filtration, I have gone through the pain of fading from magnificent sales to team leader.

In Brother Filtration, I have the confusion and bitterness of choosing between personal interest and overall interest.

Through this platform, I had the opportunity to experience the golden decade of my life and to think about the future of a person, a group of people, and a pattern.

The future is a long road, I would constantly make choices and move forward, but never stop. Because the faith and inspiration of Brother Filtration will be always in my mind.


Meet Lisa

Director of Nantong sales branch

The first time when I met Judy Lee (Founder of the company) was in the summer of 2013.

She helped to solve a technical problem with a cartridge filter.  And two years later, in the summer of 2015, I joined this attractive team as sales manager of Latin America.

I love so much working with these wonderful colleagues, with passion, professional and high willingness to serve customers. As sales, we connect our production lines, technical design, and project requirements. We listen to the customers, make sure we well understood and find the core issue, then provide an effective solution.

Now we are six in Latin America sales team, and all of us speak Spanish to serve more than 200 customers from Spanish-speaking countries.

Thanks for your trust and support. Hope we can continue to bring good filtration products and solution to Latin America.

“At Brother Filtration, we use high-purity filtration solutions to improve our daily lives and help to solve the world’s toughest challenges. We focused on optimizing our plans, and continuing to offer additional value for our customers.”

– Judy Lee
chief manager


Meet Rambo

Director of Finance department

As the financial manager of the company, the main responsibilities are to assist the general manager in formulating the company strategy, responsible for the management of the company’s capital operation and daily financial management, cost accounting and control, financial budget, risk management, and internal control, and the construction of the integration of business and finance.

As a finance practitioner, carefulness and perfection are the nature of things. In adhering to the basic principles, we give the greatest support and assistance to the business of colleagues. all in the interest of the company, we are not rigid, but flexible.

The flat management of the company makes it easier to communicate and distribute information, and it can quickly respond to changes in the internal and external environment and react promptly. With efficient collaboration and short communication time among colleagues, we adhere to the customer-oriented values and the principle of that how customers buy, and how we sell and are able to respond appropriately to customers’ needs and continuously improve customers’ satisfaction.


Meet Ray

Director of HR department

I am responsible for the company’s human resources and administrative work, mainly providing basic human resources administrative services such as recruitment, training, compensation, performance, labor relations, administrative logistics, etc., tools and solutions for human resources management, and actively practicing and spreading corporate culture for the company and its employees.

Being the HR partner of each department is one of the important meanings of our work here, where HR and administration are both managerial and technical, providing services to employees as well as undertaking the management functions of the company. The work is diverse, both verbal and physical.

There is a flexible limitation in working while ensuring that basic tasks are completed. And within the scope of responsibility, you can act on your own ideas and take responsibility for the results. Management is flat and straight to the center, and employees have more access to decisions.

The company has been expanding at a rate of 30% per year for many years, providing employees with a stable career platform where they feel that everyone can be the master of their own work, and this experience will be an important moment in their career.


Meet Denise

Director of purchasing department

Since I joined the company in October 2021, my biggest feeling is that mindset determines everything, everything is a mindset.

Faced with a new industry, a new field, stepping out of the comfort zone to learn from scratch, adapt to the new environment, a new model, facing all the unfamiliar affairs, there have been difficult moments of struggle, there are also feelings that make people’s thoughts collapse. In Brother Filtration, the strong learning atmosphere is amazing, so a hard-working team, the development, and growth of the company are inevitable!

Seeing them struggle hard every day, I feel like I have found my own heart when I first entered the workplace, not giving up lightly and striving towards my goal! They are the ones who drive me forward and make me more and more courageous and hopeful for the future!

In the work, there will also encounter difficulties. There is a group of friendly and mutual help colleagues who unreservedly share knowledge to pass me, the CEO from Brother Filtration has also been behind the silent encouragement, and patient guidance, prompting me to continue to grow!

I’m glad that I joined Brother Filtration, the new industry knowledge and thinking mode is a challenge for me. No longer limited to the previous solidified thinking, the vision is more open, I learned more from others, and saw a lot of highlights of others!


Meet Wendy

Director of order operation department

It’s been nearly a year since I joined Brother Filtration, and I look back on the induction training Judy gave us, mentioning that what we export is the value of employees, what we do is to do real things and do business, which is still in my heart and has been inspiring me. It’s a good opportunity to join Brother Filtration, and I will always do my best to pay back to it.

An excellent order coordinator is a key to the survival and development of companies.  In this year, although the tasks are heavy, it is also very rewarding. We have followed up a total of 721 shipments involving 64 countries, covering various payment methods such as OA, DP, L/C, various modes of transportation by sea, express, and air, and various trade terms EXW/FCA/FOB/CFR/CIF/DDU/DDP.

In interdepartmental collaboration, we exported efficient communication case training, CITIC insurance training, and a container reinforcement program. In the internal department, we strengthen the learning of professional knowledge such as L/C document operation, continuously strengthen the understanding of responsibilities, update and optimize the operation process, insist on OMF meetings, and summarize the experience for internal operation.

We believe that with the support of the company, we can overcome difficulties, make steady progress, and create higher value for the future development of the company and market expansion.

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