For many process industries, filtration is a very important part of the production. No matter paint, cooling, or part cleaning, they all need filtration to complete the whole production. For the paint industry, filtration technology is not only used in the final process of the product but also utilized in the whole process to ensure the quality of the product. From production to transportation, different functions can be achieved by filtration. Filtering is frequently the solution to quality issues.

When applied to parts cleaning, filtration will shorten the overall lifespan of the wash and rinse fluids, lower labor costs, and cut disposal expenses. If you want to reduce scrap, rework, nozzle plugging, and rejected components, it’s vital to select the appropriate filtration system.

Filtration will effectively stop scaling, and microbial and corrosion problems in the cooling water, which could result in components of the cooling system performing significantly worse. When the contaminant condition is extremely worse, chemical methods need to be used. However, a filtration system can effectively prevent this from happening.

Brother Filtration, as a professional and experienced filtration expert, designs and manufactures a wide range of filter products to solve these challenges in industrial manufacturing. If you want to know more about filtration solutions, you can read the introduction for paint, cooling and parts cleaning.

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