The story began 8 years ago. This famous Australian water engineering company is located in west Australia and focuses on black copper oxide. To optimize water management and save more water, at the same time, reduce energy waste, the plant decided to recover the backwash water from the existing UF system.

The recovered backwash water would be re-UF filtered and then turned into RO feed water. The inlet capacity for the system is 8m³/h, and the production water capacity should be reached 4m³/h.

Before we go deep into this project, we need to clearly know what our client wanted and what their goal is. From the survey, we figured out the important requirements in the following.

  • Space limitation
  • Feed water quality
  • Production water quality demand
  • Whole process
  • Budget estimation
  • Whole project

Our client is professional and specialized in the quality of feed water. They completed an analysis sheet about the data of inlet water quality, which helped us to confirm the materials of UF membranes in a short time.

From the following table, we could know that particle sizes were mostly around 10um with a percentage of 93.19%.

particle size analysis report

Based on the inlet water quality and outlet water usage, we choose the below UF item.

stauf200b-pvdf STAUF200B-PVDF

Membrane material: PVDF enhanced

Membrane area: 34㎡

Operation mode: Outside-to-inside

Dimension: 200 X 1900mm

Connection size: DN50


The key factor that our client was concerned about was the production capacity for the UF membrane. When it comes to production capacity, it is actually difficult to tell an exact number. However, there are many UF suppliers in the market to tell you directly about their production capacity and guarantee a numerical value for production capacity.

We sincerely and warmly persuaded our customers not to believe so easily, and please found out the truth from the real facts.

The data of production capacity can vary from below two factors.

  • Inlet water quality will be totally different from river water, well water(surface groundwater), and seawater. For example, in some UF modules, the production capacity will be different from the process from beginning to end.
  • It is influenced by the arrangement mode.
influenced by the arrangement mode

Through comparison between the whole UF package and hard wares which needed to be constructed by customers on site.

After considering local labor costs, and other relative costs for the project, their center engineer director chose the complete UF system.


Let’s start the work from design(normally, design will be working out within 5 working days against project confirmation). The UF system consists of 5 main parts in below:

  • UF module
  • CEB
  • CIP
  • PLC system
  • Feed water pump
  • Accessories(valves, pipes, connections ports.), for every piece of spare parts, Keya(Brother Filtration sister company)will provide a very clear spare parts list with the corresponding quantity.
UF module

From the above drawing, we can summarize three key points from our design.

  • We choose SS304 as the raw material for the water pump. At first, our client would like to use SS 316L pump according to the water quality. It is known that customized SS316L would cost a lot and be over the budget. So we tested SS304 for the inlet of this project, and the result showed that SS304 can adequately handle this condition.
  • For CEB parts, only a strong alkaline chemical part was kept, and the acid part was removed. According to the study from our technical team, they found out that the CEB-ACID part didn’t play an important role in the existing UF plant. But only a strong alkali part is useful for CEB processing.
  • In the CIP process, we adopted Brother Filtration High Flow Filter Cartridge for pretreatment to protect the CIP closed loop cycling.

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