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Similar to reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane filtration method that pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane using hydrostatic pressure. To create water with extremely high purity and low silt density, UF uses pressure as a pressure-driven barrier to suspended particles, bacteria, viruses, endotoxins, and other pathogens.

The bilateral cortex structure of asymmetry is applied in the modified PVC membrane hollow fiber. The liquid is filtrated twice during operation, thus the quality of product water is assured.

The material used to create PVC UF Membranes is modified PVC hollow fiber UF membrane, which has the advantages of high strength, big flux, acid and alkali resistance, and resistance to washing.

The final filtering step or cross-flow filtration can both use hollow fiber PVC UF membranes. To guarantee the membrane system operates steadily and consistently over the long term, contaminants can be eliminated through routine physical and chemical cleaning. In industrial filtration and reverse osmosis prefiltration systems, PVC UF membranes are frequently employed.

Brother Filtration PVC UF membrane hollow fiber made of imported raw material has excellent mechanical performance which prevents the breakage of hollow fiber effectively. Its outstanding performance of antipollution allows a very low operation pressure avoiding the form of concentration polarization on membrane hollow fiber surface.

The structuring of micropores filtrate passage utilizes internationally advanced pore-forming technology, with trumpet-shaped filtrate passages radiating from inside to outside. Thus the membrane flux rate would be recovered to a maximum extent.

Excellent chemical stability is a guarantee to clean pollutants such as microbes, and organic and non-organic substances off the membrane cortex surface efficiently in chemical washing, hence recovering flux rate and extending the life span of the membrane.

Brother Filtration PVC UF membrane is suitable for applications such as desalination of sea or brackish waters, prefiltration for RO system, reuse or conditioning of industrial water, municipal/tap water purification and municipal & industrial wastewater recycling.


Brother Filtration always use high quality raw materials to produce high-quality products. The PVC UF membrane is made of imported raw materials, which enables it to be more strong, more competitive, and more durable.

  • Internal and external double cortex, double layer filtration, and good effluent quality
  • Smooth surface of the membrane, contaminant falls off easily and easy to clean
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Resistance of alkali and acid
  • Advanced pore-forming technology

With the special design, Brother Filtration PVC UF membrane has high efficiency and better filtration performance. The outstanding and superior PVC UF membrane is offered by Brother Filtration, and we believe it can satisfy your needs.

  • High water production flux and high water recovery rate
  • Low pressure operation, low energy consumption, and cost saving
  • Longer service time
  • High efficiency


Material Size Cartridge quantity Cartridge size Inlet/Outlet Max Temperature Design Pressure
UPVC Φ225-H465 3 or 5 10inch Unions 1.5” or Flange1.5” 45℃ 4/6bar
UPVC Φ225-H715 3 or 5 20inch Unions 1.5” or Flange1.5” 45℃ 4/6bar
UPVC Φ225-H965 3 or 5 30inch Unions 1.5” or Flange1.5” 45℃ 4/6bar
UPVC Φ225-H1215 3 or 5 40inch Unions 1.5” or Flange1.5” 45℃ 4/6bar
UPVC Φ315-H745 8 or 9 20inch Unions 3” or Flange 3” 45℃ 4/6bar
UPVC Φ315-H995 8 or 9 30inch Unions 3” or Flange 3” 45℃ 4/6bar
UPVC Φ315-H1245 8 or 9 40inch Unions 3” or Flange 3” 45℃ 4/6bar
Notice: Closure type as Clamp, the Max Pressure is 4bar Please contact with BROTHER sales for further confirmation.

Order Information

Material Operation Mode Pore size Model No. Membrane Area (㎡) Dimension (mm) Connection Size
PVC Inside-to-outside 100KH STA90B-PVC 4.1 Φ90X1210 DN25
STA160-PVC 16.9 Φ160X1420 DN32
STA200-PVC 25.5 Φ200X1481 DN40
STA250A-PVC 32.7 Φ250X1402 DN50
STA250B-PVC 43.1 Φ250X1740 DN50
STA250C-PVC 54.3 Φ250X2108 DN50
Outside-to-inside 100KH STA160E-PVC-W 36 Φ160X1800  DN32
STA200B-PVC-W 54 Φ200X1900 DN50
STA250-PVC-W 76.6 Φ250X2108 DN50
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