In the metallurgy industry, a rolling mill is something you can’t ignore, it is the crucial equipment in the production of steel. The most important function of the roll coolant system is to lubricate the surface of the metal and remove the heat induced by friction and deformation.

It is essential to attach great importance to the treatment of the coolant. Because the quality and the cleanness of the coolant would significantly influence the quality and surface condition of the final products. So, we need a filtration system before the coolant

The most common problem with the coolant

rolling mill coolant

For the sake of saving costs, many manufacturers and plants recycle and reuse the coolant. However, recycled coolants contain large quantities of impurities.

One of the universal impurities is iron oxide, which often occurs on the surface of the rolled pieces, and dust, can heavily affect the quality of the rolled pieces and damage the equipment.

The nozzles can be easily blocked by the contaminants and impact the performance of the whole production line, accordingly, the maintenance costs would be largely increased.

This is the situation that manufacturers won’t want to have. To prevent these problems, they often employ a rolling mill coolant filtration system.

What is a rolling mill coolant filtration system?

A rolling mill coolant filtration system often comprises a large tank. The dirty coolants enter the dirty compartment and pass through the magnetic separator.

With the help of a separator, they can be divided into semi-clean compartments. And the next step is the key process, the coolants would be sucked into self-cleaning filters. A pressure control valve makes sure that there is constant pressure supplied to the mill.

From the explanation, it is easy to show the importance of self-cleaning filters. In systems like this, an interruption is not acceptable. A conventional filtration system, which needs regular maintenance and cleanliness, is not good enough. The continuity should be assured.

The best solution for rolling mill coolant filtration

As we discussed above, it is recognized that these coolants must be filtered before reuse to achieve cycle use. A rolling mill coolant system is needful in metallurgy production, and the key to the system is the self-cleaning filters.

Brother Filtration automatic backwash filter is usually applied to this kind of system. It can automatically clean itself, and provide continuous filtration. Workers don’t need to shut down the system to do maintenance for it. By using an automatic backwash filter, the efficiency can be effectively improved and the maintenance costs would be decreased.


To reuse and recycle the rolling mill coolants, a filtration system is essential. And the best choice is the self-cleaning filter. By applying an automatic backwash filter, the impurities in coolants can be removed and all equipment can be protected from damage.

Accordingly, continuous filtration assures efficiency and reduces downtime. Workers don’t need to worry about the maintenance of the filter because it can clean itself based on the preset time or differential pressure.

Brother Filtration is a professional filtration expert. We design and manufacture perfect filtration solutions for various industries and applications. Our automotive self-cleaning filters are superb solutions for your rolling mill coolant filtration.


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