When it comes to filtering water or compatible non-hazardous chemicals, plastic filter housings work well. The mainly material to produce plastic filter housing is UPVC and PPR by Brother Filtration. Just like the stainless steel housings, we also provide different types of filter cartridges and filter bags.

Brother Filtration PPR filter housing is made of 100% Polypropylene Random Copolymer. The PPR Bag Filter Housing is constructed of PP reinforced polypropylene and is integrally injection-molded, eliminating the need for welding and resulting in no side leaks. It is also simple to install and maintain.

Additionally, PPR Bag Filter Housing has strong resistance to acid and alkali, which makes it suitable for chemical filtration. It can also operate in extreme conditions, due to its resistance to high temperature and high pressure. The characteristics of this filter housing also contain softness and ease of molding.

Strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature, and very corrosive liquids are the main factors in the selection of PPR bag filter housing, and conventional stainless steel filter housing materials are not suited for use. PPR housing max pressure is 10bar and max temperature is 80℃. It’s widely used in a highly corrosive liquid such as chemical and seawater treatment.

The stainless steel filter housing’s shortcomings are made up for by the PPR bag filter housing, which also significantly reduces the equipment cost of industrial filtration systems. All these benefits and advantages make PPR Bag Filter Housing a good choice for many applications.

Brother Filtration PPR Bag Filter Housing is perfectly suitable for industries such as prefiltration for RO system, oil & gas, desalination, petrochemicals, wastewater recycling and chemicals.


Benefiting by the PPR materials, Brother Filtration PPR Bag Filter Housing has strong competitiveness, it overcomes the shorts of stainless steel filter housing. It can deal with corrosive liquids and extreme conditions.

  • Wide chemical compatibility with PPR material
  • Ultraviolet-proof materials added for outdoor operation
  • Optimized multi-locking system to ensure 100% sealing
  • Acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance
  • Integrally injection-molded, no welding points, no leakage

High quality materials enable the PPR Bag Filter Housing perform greatly in some extreme and challenging conditions. Brother Filtration is confident to recommend this outstanding bag filter housing to our customers.

  • Max operation pressure as 25℃(77℉)@8.0Kg/cm2
  • Longer service lifetime
  • Smooth inner wall for easy cleaning
  • No tools are required for use and maintenance, easy and quick to replace the filter bag
  • Able to match with international standard filter bags

Model Bag size Inlet/Out type Inlet/Outlet size Closure type Maximum  Pressures Max Temperature Gaskets
PPR  Bag Housing 2=2#
F=Flange 50=DN50
SB=Swing Bolt
SB-T=Swing Bolt Top Inlet
150psi 80 ℃ as standard Buna N


Flow rate

PPR Bag Filter Housing Flow rate

Order Information

PLPB -02 -F -50 -C
Model Bag size Inlet/Out type Inlet/Outlet size Closure type
PlasFlow PPR Bag Housing 02=Size 2
05=Size 5
F=Flange 50=DN50
SB=Swing Bolt
Notice: Due to housing has variety in design, please contact with BROTHER sales for more information
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