UPVC single bag


When it comes to filtering water or compatible non-hazardous chemicals, plastic filter housings work well. The mainly material to produce plastic filter housing is UPVC and PPR by Brother Filtration. Just like the stainless steel housings, we also provide different types of filter cartridges and filter bags.

UPVC housing from Brother Filtration is substantially lighter and more affordable than stainless steel housing of the same dimensions. Additionally, the filter housing is rust-free due to the plastic construction. It offers a better sealing performance and is simple for labor to change the filter components thanks to the rapid swing bolt closure.

It is the ideal alternative to housings for stainless steel bag filters. The bag filter housing, which is made of UPVC, is better able to tolerate corrosive liquids, chemicals, and demanding operating conditions. Compared to your stainless-steel filter housings, it will function better and endure longer. Additionally, the UPVC Bag Filter Housing has better chemical compatibility than others.

Bag filter systems are designed for high flow rates and high sediment holding capacity. Its range provides filtration solutions for a broad variety of fluid applications in the process industry. They are particularly useful for filtering large volumes of high viscosity liquids and corrosive fluids.

With all these advantages mentioned above, Brother Filtration UPVC Bag Filter Housing can be widely used in industries such as prefiltration for RO systems, oil & gas, desalination, petrochemicals, food & beverage, and chemicals.


Brother Filtration UPVC Bag Filter Housing is the perfect replacement for stainless steel housing, which has ability to resistant corrosion and better chemical compatibility, is a great solution for large volume filtration.

  • Molded construction for product consistency.
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Economical choice with more affordable costs
  • The unique locator and closure design avoids internal bypass

The UPVC Bag Filter Housing is a good choice for cost-effective requirement. Brother Filtration offers housings of different materials to satisfy different needs. But the common point of our housings is high quality and high efficiency.

  • Easy installation and filter elements change-out
  • Larger connection for maximum output
  • Rust-free
  • Longer service life
  • Designed for large volumes and viscous and corrosive liquids
  • Able to withstand abrasive and harsh liquids

Material Bag size Size Inlet/Outlet Closure type Max Temperature Max Pressure
UPVC 1# Φ225-H805 Flange 2” Clamp 45℃ 4bar
UPVC 2# Φ225-H1190 Flange 2” Clamp 45℃ 4bar
UPVC 1# Φ225-H820 Flange 2” Swing Bolt 45℃ 7bar
UPVC 2# Φ225-1200 Flange 2” Swing Bolt 45℃ 7bar

Order Information

PLUB -02 -F -2 -C
Model Bag size Inlet/Out type Inlet/Outlet size Closure type
PlasFlow UPVC Bag Housing 01=Size1
02=Size 2
F=Flange 2=2” C=Clamp
SB=Swing Bolt
Notice: Due to housing has variety in design, please contact with BROTHER sales for more information
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