PVDF UF Membrane


Similar to reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane filtration method that pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane using hydrostatic pressure. To create water with extremely high purity and low silt density, UF uses pressure as a pressure-driven barrier to suspended particles, bacteria, viruses, endotoxins, and other pathogens.

The PVDF UF Membrane has good chemical stability, oxidation resistance, acid, and alkali resistance, and is built of high-quality anti-pollution PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) membrane material.

For high throughput, the PVDF UF membrane is inherently hydrophilic. The regular pore size distribution of the PVDF hollow fiber UF membrane ensures consistent water quality. The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane made of PVDF has a long service life due to its high mechanical strength, large surface area for filtration, and ease of backwashing.

Brother Filtration utilizes an internationally advanced membrane manufacturing technique, improves the structure of the hollow fiber, and carries out PVDF UF membrane of the internal lining, which makes it superior to traditional PVDF UF membrane on oxidation resistance and anti-fouling performance. This improvement increases the anti-stretching toughness and pressure resistance capability of the hollow fiber, it has solved the breakage problem of the hollow fiber completely.

Brother Filtration PVDF UF membrane uses international standard size clamps for quick installation and easy replacement, making it convenient for use and operation. With all these advantages mentioned above, our PVDF UF membrane is suitable for industries such as ground/well and surface water treatment, desalination, RO Prefiltration, municipal/tap water purification, and municipal & industrial wastewater recycling.


Brother Filtration PVDF UF membrane is all-powerful product, can be applied to chemical liquids. With its outstanding and superior characteristics, the PVDF UF membrane is a competitive product.

  • Strong oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance
  • PVDF UF membrane has good mechanical strength and uniform micropore distribution
  • Quick installation and easy replacement
  • Strong chemical stability

The powerful and excellent PVDF UF membrane is equipped with many advantages and able to save costs at same time. Brother Filtration always offers high-quality products to our customers.

  • High toughness of PVDF membrane yarn
  • High pollution resistance
  • Low operating energy consumption
  • Larger filtration area and longer service life


O-ring material Epoxy Resin
Max inlet pressure 0.3MPa/43.52psi
Operating Temperature 4-40℃/41-104℉
PH Range 2.0-12.0
Max Inflow Turbidity(NTU) 300
Max NaCIO Concentration(ppm) 1000ppm

Order Information

Material Model No. Membrane Area (㎡) Filtration Precision (μm) Operation Mode Dimension (mm) Connection size
PVDF STA90B-PVDF 7.2 0.1 Outside-to-inside Φ90X1210 DN25
STA160E-PVDF 40 Φ160X1800  DN32
STA250-PVDF 76.6 Φ250X1740  DN50
STA200B-PVDF-(Z) 34 Φ200X1900 DN50
STA250-PVDF-(Z) 51 Φ250X1740  DN50
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