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The strainer basket is the most important element of the basket strainer as it intercepts the solid particle impurities entering the filter. The top of strainer baskets is available in both flat and slanted types and in both single-layer and double-layer structures.

Basket strainers are mainly used to remove rocks, sand, dirt, pipe scale, gravels and other solids from industrial liquids, gases, steam, and water, and are widely used in the following industries.

The mainly raw materials for the strainer baskets are stainless steel and carbon steel, but if our customer has a special request, Brother Filtration can also manufacture it in other materials.

In design and manufacturing, we are not only concerned about durability, but also take convenient operation into account. We have a great handle design for the strainer baskets, make it easy to install, remove, and clean.

There are two types of structures for strainer baskets in Brother Filtration. The single-layer structure has poor structural strength and a low filter rating. However, it is especially suitable for coarse filtration without large solid particles. The other type is a double-layer strainer basket, which has good structural strength and high filter rating and can be applied to fine filtration applications.

Brother Filtration strainer basket has a wide range of applications, such as natural gas pipeline transportation and filtration for the oil & gas industry; raw water filtration, large farm irrigation water filtration, and fire water filtration for water treatment.

In addition, it is suitable for onboard freshwater system filtration, seawater valve box filters, fire line suction systems, bilge line filters, and lubricating oil filters.

The chemical industry can handle cooling water filters and chemical process filters. When it comes to mining and metallurgy, it can dewatering filters and process fluid filters; cooling water filters for rolling mills and furnaces.

For the bag filter, Brother Filtration manufactures a bag filter support basket for it. The bag filter support basket can protect and strengthen the filter bag, making it more durable.

It can help to extend the bag filter’s service life and play an important role in coarse filtration. If you need it, you can also find it at Brother Filtration, we have various support baskets to fulfill all kinds of needs.


Brother Filtration always produce high-quality products with superb capabilities. Our strainer basket is suitable for a most basket strainers. As the most important element in a basket strainer, it can significantly improve filtration performance.

  • Optional layer structure for different needs
  • Standard top type and slanted top type are both available
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Different inlet and outlet designs for diverse operating conditions

The competitive strainer basket has excellent and superior benefits. It is not only a customizable product, but also a high-quality product. More than good filtration performance, it can offer you a better operation and maintenance experience.

  • High-quality raw materials
  • Filter rating 5μm~200μm
  • Diameter and length are customizable
  • Good handle design makes it easy to install, remove, and clean
  • Suitable for various basket strainers

Material Stainless steel, Carbon steel, and special materials are available upon request
Category Standard, slanted filter basket
Diameter&Length Customized upon request
Handle structure Easy to install, remove, and clean
Basket structure Single layer and double layer
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