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To remove particle contaminants from liquid and gas, pipeline systems frequently use basket strainers as filters. It is frequently used in oil and gas, water treatment, maritime filtering systems, fine chemicals, machining, metallurgy, and other industries. It is made up of a stainless steel or carbon steel housing and one or more strainer baskets.

Basket strainers are used to filter out particulate pollutants from liquids and gases in order to safeguard liquid pipelines like seawater, fuel oil, and slurry pipelines, gas pipelines like natural gas and argon pipes, and fittings downstream.

The solid impurity particles are held in the filter basket while the filter medium enters the chamber through the filter input, and clean filtrate exits the chamber through the filter outlet.

Close the pipeline system, remove the drain stopper from the bottom of the main pipe, and drain the liquid before cleaning or replacing the filter basket. Once the filter basket has been cleaned, reinstall it before closing the filter cover and filter housing.

Basket strainer is suitable for liquid filtration, with mainly three different nozzle types. For many parts of it, customers can depends on their actual needs to ask for special requirements. Brother Filtration can offer multiple choices for housing material, nominal diameter, connection type and surface treatment.


The basket strainer is made of steel material, can be applied to various filtration conditions and have different nozzle type. Also, Brother Filtration provide customization service to manufacture the most suitable filter for our customer.

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Optional nozzle type
  • High efficiency
  • Filter basket has a strong mechanical structure

Brother Filtration basket strainer offers your another filtration method. It is especially good at the removal of large particles with low-pressure drop. It can significantly improve your filtration efficiency. With high-quality raw material, our basket strainer can be durable and practical.

  • Stainless steel or carbon steel housing, or customized;
  • A large screen area ensures efficient filtration with low-pressure drop.
  • Remove large particles, clean fluids, and gases, and protect key devices.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean, reusable.

Housing material carbon steel, stainless steel, customized
Filtration efficiency 95%
Filter rating 10μm~5000μm
Operating pressure 0.6MPa~1.6MPa
Nominal diameter DN15-400mm(1/2″-16″), or customized upon request
Seal type O-ring or flat gasket
Sealing material NBR gasket, PTFE gasket, metal gasket
Surface treatment carbon steel: anti-corrosion paint;
Stainless steel: acid dipping or anti-corrosion paint
Connection type Flange, female thread, male thread, quick opening clamp
Lid/Cover type Swing bolts, flange, etc.
Usage type Liquid filtration

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Customer strainer options

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