If you are in water treatment field for quite a while, you must often meet this situation: the cartridge filter before the RO membrane sometimes have very short life.
It is a trouble if it happens too many times because you have to stand frequent shut-downs and troublesome change-outs. It is a waste of time, labor and money. Project owners will not like it.

Don’t worry, we will discover the secrets of short life cartridge filters to you.

According to the analysis of those used short life samples from our customers, we conclude reasons as below

1) Unstable raw water quality;

2) Poor pre-filtration process, former carton media extractable;

3) Microbial crazily growth in summer;

4) Ultra-filtration membrane damaged;

5) Overloaded flow rate capacity;

6) Poor cartridge filter quality;

Point 1 to Point 5 are objective reasons and have nothing to do with cartridge filter itself. If all of them are ruled out, the quality can be the only reason to blame.

As an experience high flow pleated water filter maker, we here below will present you the inside news on the quality of cartridge filter.

What normally a poor cartridge filter will do in the everyday operation and maintenance a lot?

1) Breakage

2) Seformation

3) Leakage

4) Small Effective Filtration Area

Why do they happen?

Breakage normally happens to cartridge filter with out-inside flow direction. It is caused by the weak inner core and poor short filter unit connection welding.

Deformation normally happens to cartridge filter with inside-out flow direction structure. It is caused by the soft outer netting.

Leakage is caused by poor thermal welding of membrane side seam and membrane with end cap, especially in those factories automation production cannot be promised.

Not enough effective filtration area is caused by unreasonable membrane structure and pleat heights.

If we take RO membrane as the heart, exquisite and expensive part of a water filtration system, then cartridge filter is the keeper to make sure blood is pure. That is why cartridge filter is an important and essential guard to the whole system.

When your cartridge filter only plays for a few days, we are at your service. All you need to do is send us your used filter cartridge for us to analyze. We will find out why and offer you a satisfied solution.

More efficient pre-filtration filter cartridge in your system.

  • Less down time.
  • Higher water quality.
  • Longer RO membrane life.

Why not!

98 / 100