Have you ever met the same problem that the filter cartridge before the RO system often has a short service time? This is a common situation often appearing infiltration field. Maybe you are also curious about why would this always happens. Then, you should not miss out on this blog.

Why is your filter cartridge short life

In this article, we will figure out the reason for this problem and help you solve the problem. If you are disturbed by the short life problem of your filter cartridge, just read this blog carefully and you will find a solution.

Why your filter cartridge has a short service time?

If your filter cartridge has a short life, it would result that you should change your filter cartridge quite often, and the downtime and maintenance costs increase significantly.

As a manager of the plant, you would not like to see this thing happen all the time. But what’s on earth the reason for this problem? Here, we summarize some of the factors that lead to the short service life of filter cartridges.

Why your filter cartridge has a short service time
  • Unstable raw water quality;
  • unqualified-filtration process, former carton media extractable;
  • Microbial crazily grow in summer;
  • Ultra-filtration membrane damaged;
  • Overloaded flow rate capacity;
  • Badcartridge filter quality;


We have analysed the samples that have short service time in actual usage. And from ponit1 to point5 are all objective factors, which have no relation to the filter cartridge itself. If all objective factors were excluded, the quality of the filter cartridge can be the only reason to blame.

We would like to recommend our high-flow filter cartridges to you, they have high efficiency with a large filtration surface and high dirt-holding capacity, of course, longer service time.

What normally will happen to a poor-quality cartridge filter in daily operation and maintenance?

poor-quality cartridge filter
  • Breakage
  • Deformation
  • Leakage
  • Small Effective Filtration Area

Why do they happen?

Breakage normally happens to the cartridge filter with the out-inside flow direction. It is caused by the weak inner core and poor filter unit connection welding.

Deformation normally happens to cartridge filters with inside-out flow direction structure. It is caused by soft outer netting.

Leakage is caused by poor thermal welding of membrane side seam and membrane with end cap, especially in those factories automation production cannot be promised.

Not enough effective filtration area is caused by unreasonable membrane structure and pleat heights.


If we take the RO membrane as the heart of the body, the exquisite and expensive part of a water filtration system, then the cartridge filter is the keeper to make sure blood is pure. That is why a cartridge filter is an important and essential guard to the whole system.

When your cartridge filter only plays for a few days, that would be a catastrophe for your whole system. If you want to change this situation, all you need to do is send us your used filter cartridge for us to analyze. We will find out why and offer you a satisfied solution.

Benefits of using a high-quality filter cartridge

When you choose a high-quality and suitable filter cartridge for your system, you will easily find out that the efficiency could be largely improved and the maintenance costs can be decreased.

high flow filter cartridges
  • Less down time
  • Higher water quality
  • Longer RO membrane life

How to choose a high-quality filter cartridge?

When you want to select a filter cartridge, you need to consider all these factors, and they can help you from purchasing an unqualified filter cartridge.

How to choose a high-quality filter cartridge
  • With the reputation of the cartridge and manufacturer, you can hear the comments from your peer
  • Check all the certifications the cartridge filter or manufacturer has
  • Read the specification of the cartridge filter, and make sure it is a suitable one


The short life of the cartridge filter is a common problem that many people have met infiltration field. Brother Filtration, as a filtration expert, wants to help everyone solve the filtration problem, analyze the problematic filter cartridge, and find out the reason. You only need to remember to purchase the filter cartridge which meets your need and in good quality.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience and designs and manufactures all kinds of filter products to fulfill diverse filtration needs.

We dedicate to providing better quality products for our clients and better filtration solutions. If you have a problem with a short service life of your filter cartridge or you have any questions about filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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