The bag filter housing is a casing that surrounds a filter bag in a liquid or gas stream. This is another choice for filtration excepting the filter cartridge. Filter bags are suitable for various applications as well, and they are easy to change and replace. So filter bags now are becoming more and more popular in markets.

To have the best filter bag filtration performance, it is essential to match it with an appropriate bag filter housing. And we will explain all the knowledge about bag filter housing and help you to make the right choice in selecting bag filter housing.

Bag Filter Housings

The different types of the bag filter housing

There is plenty of bag filter housing offered by manufacturers, it is not surprising that customers are overwhelmed by these different types of filters. So, the first thing to know about bag filter housing is to know the different types of the bag filter housing.

The different types of bag filter housing

Single or Multi bag filter housing

According to containing a quantity of the filter bag, bag filter housings can be divided into 2 types. The single bag filter housing and multi-bag filter housing.

Just like their names, the single bag filter housing can only contain one bag filter inside. The multi-bag filter housing has higher filtration efficiency and larger dirt-holding capacity because it can hold more than one filter bag.

Stainless steel or plastic bag filter housing

Based on different raw materials of the bag filter housing, they can be classified as stainless steel bag filter housing and plastic bag filter housing. Stainless steel bag filter housings are generally made of 304L or 316L stainless steel.

When it comes to extreme operation conditions or strict sanitary requirements, it is vital to choose a stainless steel bag filter housing.

Plastic bag filter housing, as an economical choice, has a lower initial investment cost. It is suitable for water treatment and compatible with non-hazardous chemicals.

Top in or side in the bag filter housing

There are mainly two flow directions for a bag filter housing, which are the top inlet and side inlet. For top-in bag filter housing, liquid flows through the top design, which results in the least amount of unfiltered liquid remaining for simple bag replacement and optimal filter bag sealing.

For the side inlet bag filter housing, the side inlet pipe connection can be adapted to different directions according to specific needs. Housing has a simple structure and is easy to be cleaned inside.

Which applications are suitable for?

Which applications are suitable for

The bag filter housing is practical and suitable for various applications and industries. Because of the characteristics, stainless steel housing and plastic housing have small differences in suitable applications.

Stainless steel bag filter housings can be widely used in food & beverage, paint, coolants, water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and automotive.

Plastic bag filter housing can be applied to prefiltration for RO systems, oil & gas, desalination, petrochemicals, food & beverage, and chemicals.

How does a bag filter housing work?

How does a bag filter housing work

The top or side of the filter is where the liquid to be filtered enters the bag. A restrainer basket that manages the mechanical loads supports this filter bag. The filter bag holds the pollutants as the fluid travels through it. After that, the liquid exists in the filter housing through the bottom nozzle impurity-free.

The pressure upstream steadily rises throughout the filtration process until the bag is totally clogged. The installation must then be stopped, either manually or by using a valve to transfer to a different filter body. Open the cover, then swap out the filter bag.

The benefits of using a bag filter housing

The benefits of using a bag filter housing

The bag filter housing has good sealing performance and a properly designed structure, which enables it to have strong circulation. With the appropriate structure, it is easy to be opened and cleaned.

Using a bag filter housing can surely guarantee filtration efficiency, due to its less possibility to leak.

Additionally, bag filter housing has strong resistance to corrosion and high temperature. And it can totally handle large dirt-holding capacity.

How to choose the appropriate bag filter housing?

How to choose the appropriate bag filter housing

From basic water to food products, paints and coatings, and various chemicals and solvents, filter bags are widely used in a variety of processes and industries. These applications often take place in a variety of ambient temperatures. According to the different needs and best filtration performance, we can select the proper bag filter housing.

Working conditions

Some industries filter liquids under high pressure and high temperature, which plastic housing may not withstand. Stainless steel housing is more durable and quite suitable for harder operation situations.

Additionally, when it comes to the pharmaceutical or food & beverage industry, a high sanitary level is required. High standard stainless steel housing can be applied to it, which is easier to clean and keep sterile.

Working conditions

Flow rates

If the application needs to do large quantities of treatment and has a high dirt-holding capacity, the single bag filter housing maybe not be enough. Using a multi-bag filter housing is a better choice when facing to high flow rate. And it can design the number of filter elements based on the real flow rate, which is more flexible and practical.

Flow rates

Chemical compatibility

The type of filtered liquids should be also taken into consideration. The viscosity, corrosivity, and chemical components, all these characteristics all important factors when choosing an appropriate bag filter housing.

Costs and service life

In addition to the performance and characteristic factors of the filter housing itself, the cost is also one of the key factors affecting the selection. Generally speaking, stainless steel housing is more durable and able to withstand high temperatures and high pressure. But correspondingly, it will cost much higher initial investment costs.

The plastic bag filter housing is an economic alternative to stainless steel bag filter housing. It is particularly useful for large volumes of high viscosity liquids and corrosive liquids with lower costs.


A bag filter is a popular filtration method for various industries, to get the best filtration performance, we need to select the appropriate bag filter housing to match it.

There are plenty of different types, sizes, and materials of bag filter housing in the market, it is important to realize the real filtration needs and the characteristics of the different bag filter housing.

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