The client was a company in Oman that specialized in the production of ferric chloride, a compound commonly used in water treatment, wastewater treatment, and as a catalyst for various chemical reactions.

In the production process of ferric chloride, a filtration system (like FRP Filter Housing)is required to remove impurities and pollutants in the production process, so as to ensure the consistency and quality of the final product. One of the key stages in the production process is filtration, which removes impurities and ensures the purity of the final product.

Recently, the company found that the quality of the products it produced began to be somewhat uneven, and the purity of the products was greatly reduced. After various inspections, they found that the problem might be in the filter system, that’s why the customer came to us.


Customer requirements for a filtration system can prove challenging. In this particular case, the desired solution had to ensure a maximum flow of 20 m3/h and pressure of 1.5 bar while filtering ferric chloride with the purity of 40% W/W, which is an extremely corrosive and abrasive material that requires special handling. We needed to take extra care when selecting our filtration equipment in order to ensure the safety of our customers’ products.

Ferric Chloride Production

The customer requested a filtration system that could continuously run without any interruptions, as any downtime could delay and reduce their production output. Additionally, the client needed the filtration system to be user-friendly and easily maintained, as they did not have dedicated personnel for the task.


Brother Filtration, a leading filtration solutions provider, recommended the use of an FRP filter housing with single handle MAX-A filter cartridges for the client’s ferric chloride process. The FRP filter housing was designed to accommodate a variety of filter cartridges, including the single handle MAX-A filter cartridges.

The MAX-A filter cartridges

The MAX-A filter cartridges were made of high-quality polypropylene material and were designed to effectively remove impurities and contaminants from the ferric chloride fluid. The single handle design made them easy to install and replace, reducing the client’s downtime and maintenance costs.

Brother Filtration recommended the use of 2 units of the FRP filter housing and 23 PCs of the MAX-A filter cartridges to meet the client’s flow rate and purity requirements. The FRP filter housing was made of high-quality fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) material, which is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion.

The FRP filter housing

The FRP filter housing was designed with a single handle for easy installation and replacement of filter cartridges. It was also designed to withstand a maximum pressure of 10 bar, which was well above the client’s maximum pressure requirement of 1.5 bar.

FRP filter housing packaging

Brother Filtration provided the client with a complete filtration solution, including the FRP filter housing, MAX-A filter cartridges, and all necessary accessories, such as O-rings and pressure gauges. The solution was delivered to the client’s site and Brother Filtration’s technical team is always online to assist customers at any time.


After installing the FRP filter housing and MAX-A filter cartridges, the client saw a significant improvement in their ferric chloride process. The filters effectively removed impurities and contaminants from the fluid, enabling the client to produce a higher quality product.

The client also experienced reduced downtime and maintenance costs due to the filter cartridges’ easy installation and replacement design. The FRP filter housing’s resistance to corrosion and high-pressure capability ensured that it could withstand the harsh operating conditions of the client’s ferric chloride process.


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