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High flow filtration is required by many applications such as desalination, petrochemicals, and oil&gas industry, which means they need to handle large quantities of liquids. A high-flow filter is the best choice for them. Excellent industrial water filtration advantages are offered by high-flow filter cartridge housings for a variety of applications.

FRP High Flow Cartridge Housing is designed for cartridge filters used in the RO water treatment system. Featured by easy installation and low maintenance cost, it has become the most popular design in the reverse osmosis system for domestic and industrial use.

Max Flow FRP Filter Housing in Brother Filtration is an innovative and new trend product for the pre-filtration process. The new filtration solution with a high-flow cartridge filter saves your labor, space, and equipment costs, more than you think.

FRP Filter Housing has a large water capacity in the FRP filtration system with a smaller installation space. With its efficiency and capacity, it can reduce labour costs. Additionally, FRP Filter Housing can reduce 50% equipment investments than stainless steel housing. Based on the appropriate design by Brother Filtration, workers can disassemble the filter housing easily and do a quick change-out without dismounting the pipeline.

In addition, Brother Filtration FRP Max Flow Filter Housing has ultra-high strength of corrosion resistance, which enables it to handle seawater treatment. With its modular design, it matches perfectly with FRP membrane vessels. Using in conjunction with our Max-A and Max-T filter cartridges can reach the best performance.

With all advantages mentioned above, FRP Max Flow Filter Housing can be widely used in applications such as prefiltration for RO systems, oil & gas, desalination, petrochemicals, food & beverage, and pulp & paper.

How to install Max Flow FRP Filter Housing?

The first step is to install the end cap(inlet slide), then to assembly locking kid segments. Now you can put the filter cartridge( handle side front) inside. Then is another end cap( handle side). To achieve the next step, you need to install another locking kid segment again. Here comes the final step, connecting the system piping to the inlet side end cap. Once you finish the installation, you can enjoy efficient and perfect high-flow filtration.


The new trend and innovative FRP Max Flow Filter Housing produced by Brother Filtration is a popular and practical filter housing. It has many advantages and outstanding highlights, which make it competitive in the filter housing market.

  • Easy installation, quick change-out without dismounting pipeline
  • Large water capacity in FRP filtration system
  • Modular design, smaller footprint, compact and mobile
  • Suitable for high-flow cartridge filters
  • Lower labour and investment equipment costs

Brother Filtration FRP Max Flow Filter Housing can be widely used in many applications according to its unparalled benefits. We are confident to recommend this product to you.

  • Ultra-high strength of corrosion resistance, a perfect option for seawater
  • Perfectly matched with FRP membrane vessels
  • Matched with Max-A (Pall Ultipleat equivalent) or Max-T (Pentair Aqualine equivalent)
  • High efficiency with large capacity
  • Practical for real operation

Material of constructions

Shell FRP
Side part connection Nylon
End cap ABS
Designed pressure 150psi (standard)          300psi(20bar) or others
Standard inlet/outlet 3” couplings



Max-A Series High Flow
Max-A Series High Flow 1: Vessel Shell 9: Strap
2: Bolt 10: Strap screw
3: Nut 11: Saddle
4: Clamp 12: Side port
5: Inlet end cap 13: Guiding ring
6: Thrust ring 14: DN 80 Coupling
7: Seal oring 15: DN 80 Short pipe
8: End cap
Max-T Series High Flow
Max-T Series High Flow 1: Vessel Shell 9: Strap
2: Locking kit segments 10: Strap screw
3: Spring pod 11: Side port
4: Block plate 12: Guiding ring
5: Inlet end cap 13: DN 80 Coupling
6: Thrust ring 14: DN 80 Short pipe
7: Seal oring 15: Connection part
8: End cap

Order Information

MF -A -40 -S -10 -N
Model Series Length Connection Design Pressure Side Port Material
FRP High
Flow Cartridge
A=Max-A Series High Flow
T=Max-T Series High Flow
20=20inch  (508mm)
40=40inch (1016mm)
60=60inch (1524mm)
S=Side Port 10=10bar N=Nylon
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