It is exciting and inspired that Brother Filtration made cooperation with a big water service company in 2022, we had the chance to take part in this water service company’s 2-3 projects. Before we offered filtration solutions for this big water service company, we did a comprehensive analysis of its existing filtration systems.

They have already used the FRP high-flow module in their new projects, especially for the compact container, which only has limited space. For their, existing filtration system, they started to change all the conventional filter cartridges. The operator for this project complained to us about the time for changing the filter cartridges.

Also, it is a common problem in the USA, they need to pay high labor costs compared with China. However, we need to admit that all those problems would be solved by the development of technology and more advanced filtration equipment.


Except for what we mentioned above, the longer change time and high labor costs, we still need to take a look at the whole project in detail.

FRP- X high flow cartridges filter vessel Project location: USA California

Raw water: seawater

Temp: ambien temp 20-30℃

Project flow rate(m³/h): 180m³/h

Due to space limitations, the design is maximum compact, even 2 stream stages are assembled up and down.


FRP- X high flow cartridges filter vessel

Cartridge filter: MAX-A high-flow cartridge filter

Length: 60inch

Port Location: side-in, side out


Though IDE wants to lower its costs and maintenance time, they also want to keep the quality of the whole filtration system. The FRP-X provided by Brother Filtration has a lower price than FRP-FLOW.

They worry about the quality of the more affordable FRP-X. Brother Filtration totally understood what our customers think, and we will prove the quality by the actual operating performance.


The first problem we want to explain is the price. Why FRP-X is so affordable? The main reason is the structure. For the normal project, the pressure needs to reach 5-6 bar, which FRP-X can absolutely handle. Because Brother Filtration FRP-X is strong and good enough.

To have a more clear, we made a comparison below.

FRP-X high-flow cartridge filter

MAX-A high-flow cartridge filter

FRP-FLOW high-flow cartridge filter

MAX-A high-flow cartridge filter

FRP-FLOW high flow cartridge filter
  • Difference 1

wall thickness as point 1 indicated in the above picture

FRP-X wall is straight type.

FRP-Flow outlet wall is thicker.

Due to FRP-Flow’s wall structure, it can be resistant to higher pressure up to 20bar. However, it doesn’t mean that FRP-X is not able to match project pressure. For normal operating pressure of 150psi(10bar), FRP-X is strong enough to handle this operating condition. At the same time, FRP-X can help customers to reduce initial costs to a great extent.

  • Difference 2

Open closure type

FRP-X: clamp type

FRP-FLOW: swing nuts

  • Difference 3

FRP-FLOW high-flow cartridge filter can be customized, and more flexible.

The inlet/ outlet location can be customized for much higher pressure performance.

Inlet/outlet material can be

  1.       NYLON
  2.       SUS304, SUS316
  3.       DUPLEX SUS2205


In conclusion, FRP-X has many competitive abilities to handle high-flow filtration with lower costs and less labor. It can effectively reduce costs and maintenance time for customers. With its compact design, it can be applied to limited space areas.

Brother Filtration also manufactures many high-flow filter cartridges for high-flow needs, if you have an interest in our high-flow filtration equipment, please feel free to contact us directly.


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