In the automotive vertical supply chain, there are many various spare parts that are needful and important for assembly. Most of them are made of metal, and those metal spare parts are necessarily polished and cleaned during the manufacturing process. One of these processes is called aqua or solvent cleaning.

It is essential and necessary to do parts cleaning, especially in the auto production industry. The cleaning machine is one of the closed-loop filtration cycles. DI water and solvent should be filtered to remove metal filling, contaminants, and particles in order to get a good performance of final polishing and cleaning.

Part cleaning filtration

Micron filtration solutions such as liquid bag filter, and liquid cartridge filter are generally adopted, equipped with SUS bag filter housing or SUS high flow cartridge filter housing.

Our client, as one of the most famous and biggest vehicle manufacturers, needs a filtration solution for parts cleaning as well.


Brother Filtration’s client had some problems with their original filter suppliers. They used Pall Marksman™ with a micron rating around 5um-10um before.

And the pleated bag filter really played an important role in the OEM part cleaning process.

What bothered this big automobile enterprise? It is obvious that the costs of Pall Marksman are relatively high.

And then another problem is the transportation time is so long. So they finally decided to change the supplier of the filter.

If you are also in the automotive production industry, you would know that it is not easy to change the supplier. Because quality always ranks in the first place.

The manager should make sure that the replacement has the same quality as the original one, or they would have more loss due to the bad filtration performance.

What bothered Benz


Our client sent some bag-pleated filter cartridges to a third-party lab to do the test. The lab would analyze the membrane of the bag-pleated filter cartridge and measure the dirt-holding capacity of the filter cartridge.

The test result shows that the bag pleated cartridge filter has 4 layers of membrane, from visual checking. And it can be seen that the first 4 layers are as main retention layers with the retention of particles and the last 3 layers are guard layers, the right color should be white color. For dirt holding capacity, according to the #2 standard bag pleated cartridge filter, it is around 2.48kg — 2.98kg.

bag pleated filter cartridge
delivery time

Nothing can be more convincing than the actual testing results. Of course, this automobile enterprise chose Brother Filtration as their filter supplier and used our bag-pleated filter cartridges.

We are happy to solve clients’ problems, that this big automobile enterprise would have lower maintenance costs and shorter delivery time.

Brother Filtration is also excited that our client has had a good experience with our high-quality bag pleated filter cartridge, which offers good filtration performance at lower costs.

The satisfaction from our clients is the biggest encouragement for Brother Filtration. We will keep the quality of our products and services and try to do better. If you also have a filtration problem, please feel free to contact us directly.


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