Polykleen Bag Pleated High Flow Cartridge parts


A replacement of Pall Marksman

What is a high flow filter?

Higher rate than conventional flow filtering systems, when high flow filter cartridges process liquids. Utilizing a high-flow liquid filtration system has a number of advantages over conventional systems, including an increase in the capacity for processing liquids and storing dirt, a reduction in space requirements, and a reduction in waste production.

Brother Filtration is a leading manufacturer of water filter cartridges, especially the high flow filter cartridge. We have OVER 50 types of high-flow filter end connections that can well replace high-flow cartridges from Pall, 3M, Parker, Pentair, and more.

What is Polykleen Bag Pleated High Flow Cartridge?

Polykleen Bag Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridge is a perfect replacement of Pall Marksman high flow bag filters. High flow bag pleated filters are inside-to-outside fluid flow, combining the performance advantages of filter cartridges and filter bags used in bag filter systems.

The user-friendly design does not require tube guides, springs, or compression plates, making maintenance easier, filter replacements quicker, and system downtime shorter. The undesirable particles are contained within the element due to the fluid movement from inside to outside. As a result, there is a much lower chance that the clean, downstream side of the filter housing will become contaminated when changing the element.

Polykleen pleated bag filters provide a large surface area and a long service life, which means fewer cartridge replacements and cheaper disposal costs. And it can fit into all standard filter bag baskets and housings, so finding a filter housing that fits it won’t take much effort.

With the mentioned superior advantages and its wide chemical compatibility, Brother Filtration Polykleen Bag Pleated filter cartridge can be applied to the industries such as prefiltration for RO desalination, oil & gas, power generation condensation system, petrochemicals, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and automotive wastewater.


As a competitive and special designed product, Polykleen Bag Pleated filter cartridge combines the advantages of filter cartridge and filter bag. Brother Filtration is confident to recommend it as a great filtration solution to you.

  • Wide range of chemical compatibility
  • Fitting into all standard filter bag baskets and housings
  • Silicone free construction
  • Two layers of polypropylene or glass fiber media along with thermally bonded end caps
  • Preventing particulate bypass
  • Offering 5-10 times the surface area of standard bag filters
  • Polypropylene materials in compliance with FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21
  • Type A can be fit in CSC/CST Classic Single Bag Housing and Classic Multi Bag Filter Housing
  • Type B can fit in Single Cartridge Stainless housing
  • Replacement of Pall Marksman

Brother Filtration Polykleen Bag Pleated filter is a perfect filtration solution which has superior benefits and can fit into all standard baskets and housings. It is a competitive filtration product.

  • High dirt-holding capacity
  • High flow rate
  • High efficiency with pleated construction
  • Greater surface area compared with traditional bag filter
  • Nominally rated with retention ratings between 1-100µm at 90-95% efficiencies
  • Absolute rated with retention ratings between 1-20µm at 98-99% efficiencies


Filter Media Polypropylene/Glass Fiber
Inner Core& Outer cage & End caps Polypropylene
Gasket EPDM/Silicone/Buna-N/Viton



Length 320mm (equivalent bag filter size#1)
660mm (equivalent bag filter size#2)
OD 6inch(152mm)
Filtration area [email protected]#1 PP, [email protected]#2 PP
[email protected]#1 GF, [email protected]#2 GF


Operation condition

Max. Temperature ~80 ℃
Recommended DP for change-out 2.1-2.4bar


Flow rate of Max-T high flow filter cartridge

Max. Flow Rate Recommended Flow Rate
Size 1# 25m³/hr 15m³/hr
Size 2# 40m³/hr 25m³/hr

Flow rate of Max-T

Order Information

BHFB -PP -1 -N -0100 -E -H
Model Media Material Length Filtration Efficency Micron Rating O-ring Surface Treatment
Polykleen Bag Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridge PP=Polypropylene
GF=Glass Fiber
1= Size 1
2=Size 2
H=Hard Cage
1 Inch =25.4 mm
Notice: Due to the filter having variety in design, please contact BROTHER sales for more information
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