Classic Speed Multi Bag Housing


BROTHER Classic Speed Multi Bag Housing is user-friendly, cost-effective and designed for high volume applications and processes demanding frequent filter bag change-outs. Ideal for batch process runs and high dirt load applications. This multi-bag filter housing is safe, easy and fast filter bag change-outs for higher productivity and lower operating costs.Pleated Cartridge Filter are 100% Polypropylene constructed filters with broad Absolute micron ratings.

Classic Speed Multi Bag Housing abandons traditional opening and closing methods rocker arm and designs User-friendly, one-handed and self-balancing V-shaped hoop opening and closing structure. Especially suitable for occasions that require frequent replacement of filter elements or large flow requirements. With a rugged, corrosion-resistant V-shaped hoop and self-balancing structure,  Classic Speed Multi is a cost-effective option.


Features of Classic Speed Multi Bag Housing:

  • User-friendly design, one-handed operation, suitable for occasions where frequent replacement of filter elements or large flow demand
  • Short downtime and low operating costs
  • The headcover can be stopped at any angle, and the uniquely designed safety structure prevents personnel injury
  • Unique self-balancing structure, easy and effortless to open
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant V-shaped hoop makes filtration cost effective


Applications of Classic Speed Multi Bag Housing

Car painting

Copper foil

Food and Drink

Pulp and paper

Coatings, inks, resins

Electronics industry

Organic silicon

More Description

Material Used and Color Options
Number of filter bags 3/4/6/8/12/17/23
Filter bag size 01  Size 1

02  Size 2

Inlet& Outlet DIN/ANSI
Max. Flow 920m3/h
Max. operating temperature 150℃
Max. operating pressure 10 Bar (145 PSI)

CSC -E -01 -02 -D -80 -10 -B
Model Material No. of filter bag Filter Bag Size Connections Inlet/Outlet Design Pressure Gasket materials
Classic Speed Multi Bag Housing E=SS 304
S=SS 316L
01=Size 1
02=Size 2
10=10 bar (145 PSI) B=Buna N