Single bag recessed lid


Typically, the housing of a bag filter is composed of stainless steel, and the inside filter element is filled with PP or PE filter bags or other filter elements. An innovative filtering technology that supports bag filter housing is pressure filtration. The metal mesh basket holds up the filter bag inside the housing. After passing through the filter bag, the liquids exit through the outlet after entering through the inlet.

Brother Filtration CSC Classic Single Bag Housing designs with side-in flow direction, and the side-inlet pipe connection can be adapted to different directions according to specific needs. Housing has a simple structure and is easy to be cleaned inside.

The filter head made by bolt fastening and integral casting ensures a complete seal and prevents liquid leakage even under high pressure. CST Classic Single Bag Housing series with lower resistance design feature is suitable for sanitary industry, high viscosity, or low residue applications.

Owing to the side-in flow direction and removable head, when workers open the filter housing and change the filter bags, the design can avoid liquid discharge. Additionally, the integrated handle with head and unique seal design is convenient for fixing with no side leakage.

We all know that seal performance is one of the important points of the filter housing. Brother Filtration adopts bolt fastening and integral casting to ensure seal performance even under high pressure. To ensure stability, our supporting basket is polished with high-quality electrolytic, and can fully support the filter bag. Also, the housing adopts stable adjustable support legs which are easy to install and adjust the height according to the on-site pipeline.

Brother Filtration Classic Single Bag Housing can be widely applied to industries such as Prefiltration for RO system, oil & gas, desalination, petrochemicals, food & beverage, pulp & paper.


The standard bag filter housing produced by Brother Filtration is designed with side-in flow direction which can avoid discharge problem. We always focus on the quality and the seal performance, also we adopt adjustable support legs making the housing more flexible in real operation conditions.

  • Side-in flow direction
  • Removable head of housing
  • The head of the housing is made by bolt fastening and integral casting
  • Avoiding liquids discharge when people open the housing
  • No side leakage
  • Adjustable support legs

The Classic Single Bag Housing has outstanding benefits and advantages, thanks to the appropriate design by Brother Filtration. We dedicate to solving all kinds of filtration problems and offer solutions. This type of bag housing is a great choice.

  • Unique seal design for convenient fixing
  • Better seal performance even under high pressure
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Support legs can adjust the height according to the on-site pipeline
  • Suitable for sanitary industry, high viscosity or low residue applications
Number of filter bags 1
Filter bag size 01, 02, 03, 04
Inlet and Outlet DIN / ANSI / BSP / NPT
Maximum flow 40m³/ h
Maximum operating temperature 150 ℃
Maximum operating pressure #1/#2 bag 10 Bar (150PSI)
#3/#4 Bag 16 Bar (250 PSI)

Flow depends on the filter element and liquid
The operating temperature depends on the filter bag and sealing material

size 01 02 03 04
A Flange:986mm (40’’)
Thread:950mm (37’’)
Flange:1350mm (53’’)
Thread:1310mm (52’’)
Flange:512mm (20’’)
Thread:462mm (18’’)
Flange:671mm (26’’)
Thread:631mm (24’’)
B Flange:210mm (8’’)
Thread:142mm (6’’)
Flange:210mm (8’’)
Thread:142mm (6’’)
Flange:150mm (5’’)
Thread:92mm (3’’)
Flange:150mm (5’’)
Thread:92mm (3’’)
C Flange:556mm (22’’)
Thread:530mm 21’’)
Flange:920mm (36’’)
Thread:880mm (35’’)
Flange:330mm (12’’)
Thread:280mm (11’’)
Flange:500mm (19’’)
Thread:450mm (17’’)
D 200mm (8’’) 200mm (8’’) 114mm 114mm
E 204mm (8’’) 204mm (8’’) 114mm (4.5’’) 114mm (4.5’’)
F 321mm (13’’) 321mm (13’’)
Other Data #1 #2 #3 #4
Inlet(N1)/Outlet(N2) Flange DN50 PN16 (2’’ 150#)/Thread BSP 2’’ (NPT 2’’) Flange DN40 PN40 (2’’ 300#)/Thread BSP1 1/ 2’’ (NPT 1 1/2’’) / /
Vent RC  1/2’’ (NPT 1/2’’) RC  1/2’’ (NPT 1/2’’) RC  1/4’’ (NPT 1/2’’) RC  1/4’’ (NPT 1/2’’)
Volume 17 L (4 gal) 28 L (7 gal) 3 L (0.8 gal) 4 L (1 gal)
Net Weight 24 kg (53 lb) 28 kg (62 lb) 12.8 kg (28 lb) 13.4 kg (29 lb)

Order Information

CSC -E -01 -02 -D -10 -50 -B
Model Material No. of filter bag Filter Bag Size Connections Design Pressure Inlet/Outlet diameter Gasket materials
CSC Classic Single Bag Housing E=SS 304L
S=SS 316L
01 01=Size 1
02=Size 2
03=Size 3
04=Size 4
10=10 bar (150 PSI) 50=DN 50 (2’’) B=Buna N
Notice: Due to housing has variety in design, please contact with BROTHER sales for more information
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