STA225-2189 is manufactured as an equivalent, direct replacement, alternative, analog, retrofit and analogue to replace DuPont DOW IP-77XP (IP77XP) UF membrane module.

STA225-2189 membrane modules are pressurized integrated modules, which are designed and manufactured for the filtration of surface water, potable water, seawater, industrial wastewater, and municipal sewage. These UF modules are made of upgraded new generation PVDF hollow fibers with extra permeability.

These UF modules can be applied in new systems, as well as directly connect to the existing UF systems as replacements, providing high-quality filtrate by removing suspended solids, colloids, pyrogens, bacteria, viruses, and other impurities to protect downstream processes.

Brother Filtration manufactures and offers all kinds of Ultrafiltration equipment for water treatment. Our new IP-77XP retrofit is especially suitable for applications such as municipal water, portable water, surface water, beverage clarification, industrial wastewater, reclaimed water reuse, and pre-treatment of seawater desalination.


The strong IP-77XP with perfect design has longer service time and more powerful capability. Also, when compared with the same dimension UF equipment, it needs less energy. It would be a high-efficient choice for your ultrafiltration.

  • Integrated design for easy installation
  • High-quality filtrate
  • Less energy is needed by extra high permeability
  • Longer service life by high fouling resistance and mechanical strength
  • Direct and economical module replacement

It is the superb UF product, Brother Filtration newly launched. The IP-77XP is a powerful and practical UF filter, which can handle diverse conditions. We believe it will beyond your expectations.

  • Outside-to-inside flow direction
  • Upgraded new generation PVDF hollow fiber
  • Nominal pore size of 0.03 μm
  • Typical filtrate quality SDI ≤ 2.5, turbidity ≤ 0.1 NTU
  • Suitable for various applications

Module Dimensions

Module Dimensions


Specifications Parameters
Part number STA225-2189
Effective membrane area 77 m² (829 ft²)
Volume 39 L (10.3 gallon)
Dry weight 61 KG (100 lbs)
Wet weight filled with water 135 KG (220 lbs)
Flow direction Outside-in
Pore size 0.03 μm
Membrane material PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)
Housing material UPVC
Clamp material Stainless Steel
Potting material Epoxy resin/Polyurethane
Feed, concentrate connector DN100 coupling
Filtrate connector DN40 union
Air connector 3/8”


Operating and Cleaning Limits

Type of operation Dead-end flow or cross flow
Design flux(25°C) 40-100 L/m2·h(24-71 gfd)
Temperature 5-40°C
Maximum feed pressure(20°C) 0.3MPa
Maximum trans-membrane pressure 0.2MPa
Backwash flux(25°C) 80-150 L/m2·h
Maximum backwash pressure ≤0.2MPa
Maximum air scour flow 0.04-0.1 Nm3/hr(2.4-7.1 scfm)
pH-Continuous operation @25°C 2-12
Filtrate SDI15 ≤2.5
Filtrate turbidity ≤0.2 NTU


Maintenance Cleaning (CEB chemically enhanced backwash)

Frequency of maintenance cleaning Per 8h ( can be adjusted according to the water quality)
Sodium hypochlorite 200 ppm NaCIO(available chlorine) ( can be adjusted according to the water quality)
Acid maintenance detergent 500ppm HCI ( can be adjusted according to the water quality)
Alkali maintenance detergent 500ppm NaOH ( can be adjusted according to the water quality)


Chemically Cleaning Design

Chemical cleaning flux 50~80L/m².h
Chemical cleaning conditions Per 1~4 months or transmembrane pressure≥0.15MPa
Acid detergent 1~2% citric acid or 0.1~0.4% HCI ( with a solution in pH=2 )
Alkali detergent 0.1~0.4% NaOH + 200 ppm NaCIO(available chlorine)(with solution in pH=12)

Order Information

Part number Application L L1 L2 D W
STA225-2189 Industrial 2509±3 mm
(98±0.1 inch)
2189±3 mm
(86.2±0.1 inch)
2000±3 mm
(78.8±0.1 inch)
225 mm
(8.9 inch)
360 mm
(14.1 inch)
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