“We are facing a global health crisis, which has never happened before in the past human history. The crisis is spreading human’s sufferings, ruining the global economy and tumbling our lives” With regard to the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia globally, Brother Filtration General Manager Judy Lee said. As we are in Wuhan and received assistance from China and overseas. And “now it is our turn to input our efforts and help the world”

Since last month Brother Filtration has publicly stated in LinkedIn and email that we specially prepared free disposable protective mask 100-150pcs in order to support clients get through such difficult epidemic. And over 20 customers response us in only 3 days and this morning our employees urgently packed masks when start work. Till now Brother Filtration has finished 4 batch and delivery over 65,000pcs mask to our clients all over the word.

Brother’s assistance program still continue, now our sales engineer are collecting the fifth batch and purchase engineer strive to find more and higher quality medical materials everywhere…… Also mask with FDA and CE can be found in Brother Filtration.


“We’ll be together, sharing the load, watching in wonder as our lives unfold.” Like what we wrote in our assistance email, Your Brother, Always be with you to overcome every difficulty!!!

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