Brother Filtration has carried a Sharing meeting since April. All brothers must give a speech in two hours without theme limit. Let’s review the first speech by August, Rambo & Nita!

Hot Sharing meeting--First Batch

First warrior –August with Reflection about past choices.

Tell everyone a secret, the reason why August is so brave, his wife who has always encourage him!

Why choose this theme: Reflection about past choices? What do you want to convey?

Augus: There is a saying in China, “Standing at the age of thirty” and “Building own

family and business”. At the current situation, I can’t help but think about “What do I rely on

to stand, and what is my standing”.  We all know that what you had done in the past

made what you are now. So, looking back at the choices during my past career, asking

myself why and what’s the results of the choices, and analyze myself in-depth to find the answer.

It is mainly sorting out of myself or called emptying myself so that new knowledge can be loaded to my mind. Recognize me and stick to it.

Hot Sharing meeting--First Batch

Second speaker –Our financial Accountant Rambo with My 1/3 life.

He is one of the most eloquent people in Brother Filtration. Little wonder, two hours is too short to finish the speech.

Why choose this theme: My 1/3 life? What do you want to convey?

Rambo: Communicate the problems and thinking angles encountered in life, and convey the underlying thinking methods. The most important is hoping everyone will be a free and happy strongman.

Hot Sharing meeting--First Batch

Third speaker–Nita who is the youngest employee in Brother Filtration with The History of PDD.

We all know PDD which is one of the largest E-Commerce Shopping App in China. But what’s surprised us is she has done a very deep research.

Why choose this theme: The history of PDD? What do you want to convey?

Nita: This is the age of the Internet, and I am very interested in these emerging industries. PDDseizes the market from Ali and and makes achievements from it. This is worth thinking about. Maybe we now think that there is no market for a certain product, but in fact, there may be a new way if we change the way of thinking. PDD’s use of social e-commerce to acquire customers is actually worthy of our thinking. How should we use this as a reference to tap new customers and retain old customers?

67 / 100