The stainless steel filter housing is an essential part of equipment for many OEM companies. As the effective way to do prefiltration for RO and industrial filtration, SUS (Stainless Steel filter housing) plays an important role in these processes.

industrial filter housing

For many projects, SUS filter housing needs proper design, which means different designs are made for different usages. If you are an expert purchaser or buyer, your main objective is to help projects to reduce costs, meanwhile, filtration performance is not to be affected, and quality of technical parameters is to be assured.

It is something you should know, that each OEM product has different tips for you to save the cost. But to reach this goal, you need to be professional enough and aware of basic knowledge about SUS filter housings.

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As a reliable manufacturer and supplier, Brother Filtration is not only responsible for manufacturing qualified filter products but also for helping customers to understand how to make a high-quality SUS filter housing.

Reading the following part and gaining more knowledge about SUS filter housing, help you save the cost.

Basket inside the filter housing

When it comes to the bag filter housing, the first point you should notice is the inside basket. The inside basket has diverse levels and types. For example, there are stamping baskets and screening baskets. The difference between them is the hole density.

Stamping basket Screening basket 3 layers basket
Stamping basket Screening basket 3 layers basket
aperture ratio:35%
E.g #2 flow capacity 20m³/h
aperture ratio: 70%
Flow capacity (50%+30m³/h
Flow capacity (100%+) 40m³/h


Assume that we have 30m³/h capacity to be treated, when adopting the stamping basket, we need 2 filter bags. However, when the screening basket is utilized, only one filter bag would be enough.

Diameter of the filter housing

The diameter of the filter housing is another important factor, which affects the cost of the filter housing.

An OEM customer from North Europe has bid for a project, located in Australia and needed 4 units of SUS high flow filter housings. Due to the strict requirement of the project, 2205 SUS has been recommended. It is known that 2205 SUS is an expensive material, which costs a lot. To help our customers reduce the total costs, we made a corporation with our customers.

The first thing our professional technical team considered was the inside diameter. In the beginning, the inside diameter was 1100mm for a round 14, 60inch. After modification, the inside diameter was adjusted to 900mm, while filtration capacity was at the same level. By using this method, the total costs decreased from 30% to 40%.

Below is the chart of the arrangement of filter cartridges.


Inside structure of filter housing

The structure inside the filter housing can influence the cost of filter housing as well. Compared to the factors mentioned above, this is not that obvious.

Take the bottom plate with 226 bowls as an example, manufacturers can also offer different options for customers. There is a one-body bottom plate that provides a rigid structure and needs a 12mm thickness plate. Another option for this plate is to be composed of 2 individual parts, and costs can be reduced by at least 20%-30%.

Meanwhile, the SUS cartridge filter housing has a support pod, which can affect the production cost. If your project needs a strict requirement for a SUS filter housing, the length of support pods can be 60% of the cartridge filter length. For example, for a filter cartridge with parameters of 30inch and 762mm, the support pods can be 457mm.

Inside structure of filter housing

If the requirement of your projects such as operating pressure and operating temperature, is not that critical, you can choose the filter support pods with 100mm length which can perform well during operation.

The adapter of the filter housing

Adapter of filter housing

For cartridge filter housing with 222 or 226 bowls, we need adapters to fit the cartridge filters tightly inside the filter housing. Adopting a sus bowl adapter with a spring on the top could be a great choice. When the pressure of your project is not that high, another economic alternative choice is to utilize plastic adapters, which are wise and popular for many customers.


Reducing the cost and keeping the filtration performance at the same time is always the goal of our customers and Brother Filtration. There are several basic knowledge and points you should know before making a cost-saving SUS filter housing.

After realizing all details about a SUS filter housing, it would be much easier for you to make an option for a lower cost of the filter housing.

Brother Filtration has years of experience in filtration and designs and manufactures all kinds of SUS filter housings and other filter products.

At the same time, we offer filtration solutions to our customers and help them solve various problems in filtration. If you are interested in us or you have any questions about filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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