SUS filter housing is one part of equipment for OEM companies, where your filtration system may need it as RO prefiltration(RO guard filter), or important industrial process filtration.

For many projects, SUS filter housing needs design, which means different designs conducting different OEM products. If you are one expert purchaser or buyer, your objective is surely to help projects reducing cost meanwhile not affecting quality and technical parameters on the entire project quality.

You must believe, for each OEM product, there are tips helping you to skillfully save a not small sum of money, honestly speaking, to achieve this goal, we need to understand the SUS filter housing manufacture, the product sources. You must be Professional however.

A reliable supplier is not only providing customers qualified products but also has some obligation to help customers understanding the product.

OK, let’s come to the point, how we can save money by knowing more about SUS filter housing?

For sus bag filter housing.

Point 1 is on the basket inside.

The basket sus inside has also diverse levels and types. For example, type of Stamping basket and screening basket. The difference between them is the hole density.

Stamping basket Screening basket 3 layers basket
aperture ratio:35%

E.g #2 flow capacity 20m³/h

aperture ratio: 70%

Flow capacity (50%+30m³/h

Flow capacity (100%+) 40m³/h


Just for example, if we have 30lm³/h capacity to be treated, if the Stamping basket is adapted, we need 2 bags, but if the Screening basket is adapted, just 1 is enough.

Another case this month sharing.

Housing diameter is one important factor affecting cost.

One OEM customer from north Europe, bidding for one project located in Australia needs to work out 4units of SUS high flow cartridge filter housings, due to project requirement, 2205SUS is recommended. As we know 2205 is an expensive material, in order to help maximum reducing cost, we make efforts together with the customer as one team

The first factor is inside diameter, at the beginning the inside diameter is 1100mm for rounds14, 60inch, after modification inside diameter is adjusted to 900mm meanwhile no affecting capacity treated, the cost is saved at least by 30%-40%.

See below cartridge filter arrangement inside.



900 800


Lastly is the inside structure of the cartridge filter housing.

Do you know well the structure inside? there’s really deep knowledge!

For example, the bottom plate for 226 bowls, the supplier also has different options for customers. There is a one-body bottom plate that providing a rigid structure needing a 12mm thickness plate Or if the budget is limited, there is another option composed of 2 individual parts which cost can be reduced by at least 20%-30%.

Meanwhile, in sus cartridge filter housing, there is support pods that effecting leisurely the production cost. If your project needs high specification for a sus filter housing, the support pods length can be 60% proportion of cartridge filter length, for example, 30inch, 762mm, length cartridge filter, the support pods can be 457mm.











If your project spec is not so critical such as working pressure, working temperature, or normal water treatment, critical liquid is excepted, cause it needs to be protected well in order not to be wasted)you can choose the filter support pods lengthening 100mm which can also well perform during operation.

The last factor affecting cost is the adapters.

For cartridge filter type, for 222. 226 bowl, we need adapter to well fitted with cartridge filter, the qualified choice can be sus bowl adpater + spring on the top, there is also economic type which is also popular if project pressure is not so high, plastic adapters can be a good & smart choice.

Brother Filtration has its own joint venture SUS filter housing based in East China. We have consolidated professional know-how data and experiences on SUS filter housings, we have prepared various package solutions for our clients enjoying quality and cost-saving.

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