In-line Filter Housing


A filter housing designed for life-science applications with high sanitary grade

The biotechnology, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries frequently utilize gas filtration. These applications all place a high value on purity. Great standards and high purity are necessary, regardless of sterilization or moisture filtration. The gas filter housing works with the filter cartridge to purge particles from high-purity gas. Different filter cartridges are used to fit inside the housing depending on the various demands.

According to sanitany-grade specifications and GMP guidelines, Brother Filtration in-line sanitary filter housing was designed and produced. Applications in the life sciences are widely employed. We advise using the filter housings as a vent or pipe connector because of the top-in and bottom-out flow pattern small form.

Low volume filtration is achieved with an in-line filter housing. 56mm-diameter tiny filter elements will fit in this housing.

Brother Filtration manufactures it with high-quality surface polishing, the internal Ra is 0.3um and the external Ra is 0.4um. We also use sanitary design to prevent entrapment or build-up of contaminants, also all electro-polishing is available for customer’s needs.

A stepped thread divides the threaded sleeve so that the connection tube won’t wave during draining or venting operations. We also enlarge the vent and drain for the housing that the internal diameter connects with an 8mm tube. Brother Filtration uses sectional closure clamps that have a 20% higher pressure endurance than standard clamps and a quick-release closure clamp that enables speedy disassembly.

PTFE o-rings are perfectly sealed by quick-release closure clamps when working at high operating pressure. The maximum operating pressure is 10 bar. Additionally, The filter length can be changed thanks to an adjustable nut on the legs.


Brother Filtration In-line Filter Housing is also a high sanitary-graded filter housing, which is widely used in life-science industry. We are confident to recommend this filter housing to you.

  • Quality surface finishing
  • Enlarged vent and drain
  • Quick-release closure clamp
  • The adjustable nut on the legs
  • Electro-polishing is available.

The high-demanding of the filter housing is never a problem for Brother Filtration. No matter is a high standard or a strict condition, we can all provide the products that satisfy the needs.

  • Perfect sealing performance under high pressure
  • Better pressure endurance
  • Operating Pressure can reach 10 bar
  • Filter length can be adjusted based on customers’ needs

Material of constructions

Housing body 304 or 316L
Vent/Drain 304 or 316L
Clamp 304
O-ring/Gaskets Silicon, Viton, EPDM


Operating conditions

Max. Operating pressure 0.6Mpa(6 Bar)
Max. Operating temperature 135℃(266℉)
Steam sterilization In-situ/Autoclave@ 121℃/30 min



Body connection Tri-clamp strengthened clamp
Inlet/outlet 1 inch ( DN 25) clamp
Vent 4 mm can connect with 8 mm tube
Drain 4 mm can connect with 8 mm tube


Surface finish

Polish type Mirror polish or Internal electro-polished
Surface option Internal Ra: 0.3um or External Ra: 0.4um

Order Information

Number of Filters filter Length Material EndCap Housing Connection Inlet/Outlet Sealing Material Surface Finish Design Pressure
In-line filter housing 1 05 F_ S T T25 S A X
1 1round 05 5 inch
10 Winch
20 20 inch
30 30 inch
F 304
S 316L
S 226
T 222
Tri-clamp T25 Tri-clamp DN25
T38 Tri-clamp DN38
T50 Tri-clamp DN50
S Silicone E EPDM
V Viton
A Mirror Polish
B Internal
X 0.6MPa
/ 02 2 inch
05 5 inch
10 Winch
W 126-70
S 226
T 222
/ T25 Tri-darpDN25 / / /
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