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A high-purity filter uses a high filter cartridge for removing particles in a gas.

The biotechnology, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries frequently utilize gas filtration. These applications all place a high value on purity. Great standards and high purity are necessary, regardless of sterilization or moisture filtration. The gas filter housing works with the filter cartridge to purge particles from high-purity gas. Different filter cartridges are used to fit inside the housing depending on the various demands.

Brother Filtration Gas Filter Housing is made of 304L or 316L stainless steel, which can adopt a quick opening. Its benefits include excellent filtration accuracy, quick filtration times, low adsorption, no media shedding, no leaks, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, and simple operation.

For businesses like contemporary medicine, beverages, and environmental protection, it is a crucial item of machinery. The filter element’s material can be chosen based on user preferences.

Phasic Gas (Steam) Cartridge Housing is a high-purity filter using a high-quality filter cartridge for removing particles in a gas. Combined with a PTFE high-efficiency sterilization filter, it can be used for filtering sterile gas and fermentation gas; combined with a glass fiber filter, it can be used for some high-purity gas filtration; combined with a stainless steel filter, it can solve high-temperature gas filtration.

The filter element joint is uniformly designed as 226 double seal bayonet-type makes cartridge filter owns better sealing performance. The gas filter housing’s airtightness is the most critical part. It is essential to ensure that the filtration process is totally sealed due to the peculiar properties of the gas.

Brother Filtration Gas Filter Housing can be widely used in applications such as sterilization in the biotechnology and medicine sector, food & beverage sterilization, filtering the steam of heated food, moisture filtration in electronics, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical, and other laboratories.


As we said, the liquid industry is never where we stop, additionally, we are seeking for solutions for oil and air. Brother Filtration Gas Filter Housing is a great filter housing for gas filtration.

  • The filter element joint adopts a 226 double seal bayonet type to ensure sealing
  • The cartridge number under 3
  • The filter housing can adopta quick open, convenient and quick when replacing the filter cartridge.
  • Filter media can be chosen by users’ real needs

One of the key point for gas filter housing is sealing, a good filter housing must have a perfect sealing performance. We recommend this gas filter housing for you, and we believe it would be beyond your expectations.

  • Good sealing performance for gas filtration
  • No leakage, no media shedding
  • High efficiency
  • Long service life
  • Simple and easy operation

Operation condition

Max Pressure 6bar
Max Temperature 150 ℃
Sterilization Online or steam 121 ℃/30min



Connection of shell Flange/Tri-Clamp
Inlet& Outlet(N1/N2) Flange/Tri-Clamp, Thread
Pressure Gage ( N3 (optional) M14 X1.5 Thread(less than 3 cores)  1/2’’ Thread(less than 5 cores)
Vent/Drain Valve (N4)(optional) 1/4’’ Thread
Cartridges Connection 226 connection type



Filter shell  304L,316L
Vent Valve/Drain Valve 304L, 316L
Sealing ring & Gasket EPDM, PTFE, Viton, Silicon


Surface finish

Finish Type Mechanical polishing / Shot blasting
Polishing precision 0.3um inner surface Ra ≤0.6um
0.4um outside surface Ra ≤0.8um


Gas Filter Housing size date

Order Information

PGH -E -1R -10 -F -B
Model Material No. of cartridge Cartridge filter Sizes Inlet/Outlet connection Gasket materials
Phasic Gas  Cartridge Housing E=SS 304L
S=SS 316L
1R=1 PCS
3R=3 PCS
5R=5 PCS
9R=9 PCS
T=Crew Thread
B=Buna N
Notice: Due to housing has variety in design, please contact BROTHER sales for more information
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