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A superior vent filter housing with an anti-condensation function

The biotechnology, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries frequently utilize gas filtration. These applications all place a high value on purity. Great standards and high purity are necessary, regardless of sterilization or moisture filtration. The gas filter housing works with the filter cartridge to purge particles from high-purity gas. Different filter cartridges are used to fit inside the housing depending on the various demands.

The improved Brother Filtration Vent Filter Housing has tougher criteria and an anti-condensation mechanism for air filtration. It is made up of the following components: a vent, a heated jacket, a jacket protective layer, and a system that maintains a steady electronic temperature. Additionally, the materials to produce it is 304L or 316L stainless steel, which enables it to operate at high temperature.

Vent Housing also satisfies the standards for use in a clean room. To prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into the housing, the heated jacket is set inside a sealed column. The housing is extremely simple to clean as a result.

Usually, it is used in high-temperature conditions, filter cartridges are kept dry by heat which helps guarantee their flow rates. Brother Filtration offers you vent filter housing with an advanced constant electronic temperature system. And we use an elbow design to prevent particles from flowing into the vent housing, thus protecting the filter housing from damage.

In order to disinfect the air before it enters the tank and maintain pressure balance both inside and outside the housing, vent filter housing is utilized in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. All hygienic and GMP requirements have been met. On request, an electro-polish surface treatment is offered.


Brother Filtration provides vent filter housing for the high-demanding industries, we help them to solve the vent filtration problem with our high-quality and outstanding products.

  • Filter cartridges are kept dry by heat
  • High-temperature environment prevents germ growth
  • An advanced constant electronic temperature system
  • Elbow design prevents particles from flowing into the vent housing
  • All surfaces that come in contact with the product are electropolished to a Ra< 0.5 µm

Brother Filtration Vent Filter Housing is designed for high-standard use, which means it has high-quality and outstanding advantages. We believe our vent filter housing can fulfill your needs.

  • Guaranteed flow rates
  • Mirror polish, internal electro-polished
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Able to work at 130℃
  • Tri-clamp, strength clamp

Material of Construction

Housing Body 304:316L
Clamp 304
O-ring / Gaskets Silicon, Viton, EPDM, PTFE



Body Connection
Strengthened clamp
1 inch (DN 25) clamp


Operating Conditions

Max. Operating Pressure 0.6Mpa (6bar)
Max. Operating Temperature 130 °C (266°F)
Steam SterilizaJon In-situ / Autoclave @ 121 °C / 30 min


Surface Finish

Polish Type Mirror Polish; Internal Electro-polished
Surface Option Internal Ra: 0.3pm; External Ra: 0.4pm

Order Information

Number of Filters Filter Length Material EndCap Housing Connection Inlet/OuUet Scaling Material Surface Finish Design Pressure
Vent filter housing 1 05 L s L T25 S A X
1 1 round 05 5 inch F i 304 S 226 T Tri-clamp T25 Tri-darrpDN25 S Silicone A Mirror Polish X 0.6MPa
/ 10 10 inch S 316L T 222 / T38 Tri-danpDN38 E EPDM B Internal /
/ 20 20 inch / / / T50 Tri-darpDN50 V Viton Electro-polished /
/ 30 30 inch / / / / / /
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