The tightest standards and specifications for the product must be met by ophthalmic solutions, from solutions for cleaning and storing contact lenses to solutions for flushing used in eye surgery, and products for eye care.

The main ingredient of most eye drops is water, and in addition, may contain salt (e.g., sodium chloride), protective agents, petroleum jelly for ointment production, and gel polymers for use as lubricants.

Heat-sensitive eye drops can be sterilized by sterile filtration, or the heat-sensitive component can be sterile and filtered separately before being added to the already pre-sterilized ingredients.

Ophthalmic solutions

Our filtration goal

  • Pre-filtration

Lower content of particles and bioburden before sterile filtration.

  • Sterile filtration

Sterile filtration maintains reliable retention efficiency of microorganisms during long production runs.

Requirements by application

  • The filter must be able to provide a consistently high flow rate and must be robust enough to be suitable for high volume production.
  • Sterile filtrationmust be able to maintain a reliable retention efficiency of microorganisms over a long production period.
  • Filters should not adsorb protective agents in the product

Recommended filters

Step of filtration Recommended filters
Pre-filtration Glass fiber pleated filter cartridge
Air/Gas Filtration Hydrophobic PTFE filter cartridge
Final filtration PES membrane pleated filter cartridge
Ophthalmic solutions sterile venting


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