Nanofiltration membranes are developed specifically for material separation and resource recovery and are mainly used in the fields of separation and concentration of liquid materials, zero discharge of wastewater, and lithium extraction from salt lakes.

The treatment of sewage emissions is a concerned for more and more people and various industries need to obey the laws and regulations to reach the goal of zero discharge. Brother Filtration MASP nanofiltration membrane can help with these requirements. It can effectively gain solid substances from liquids. Also, it can handle the separation and concentration requirements.

For the current popular industry, lithium extraction from salt lakes, we can also utilize the MASP membrane. Because its have high resistance to chemical solvents. And it can trap the needful molecule with high precision. Research findings indicate that electrostatic repulsion and steric resistance are the major components of the NF membrane’s separation mechanism. The charge characteristics of the membrane surface have a significant impact on the separation of solute in addition to the effects of solute size and pore size.

The separation of magnesium and lithium by the membrane is primarily accomplished by electrostatic exclusion since the difference in ionic hydration radius between magnesium and lithium is not readily apparent. As a result, the steric hindrance effect plays a minimal part in the separation process.

The outstanding features of Brother Filtration MASP membrane are so competitive. It has high ion selectivity and accurate molecular weight retention. Additionally, MASP is equipped with high cross-linking of the diaphragm separation layer and high resistance to chemical cleaning. The use of a low-pressure differential 34 mil inlet grid helps reduce energy consumption while improving contamination resistance.


Brother Filtration always offer high-quality products to our customers. The MASP membrane is made of high-quality raw materials, which enables it to suitable for treatment of underground water and surface water.

  • Perfect separation performance
  • Suitable for lithium separation
  • Help to reach zero emission standard
  • Superior ability to separate solids from liquids

With the special design, Brother Filtration MASP membrane has high efficiency and better filtration performance. The outstanding and superior MASP membrane is offered by Brother Filtration, and we believe it can satisfy your needs.

  • High ion selectivity and accurate molecular weight retention
  • High cross-linking of the diaphragm separation layer
  • High resistance to chemical cleaning
  • Low-pressure differential 34 mil inlet grid
  • Less energy consumption while improving contamination resistance

Product performance

Module Water Output GPD (m3/d) Stable desalting rate (%) Effective membrane are ft2 (m2) Inlet grid thickness (mil)
MgSO4 CaCl2
NTF40-4040 2500 (9.5) 97.0 40 ~ 60 82 (7.6) 31
NTF80-4040 2000 (7.6) 98.0 80 ~ 90
NTF90-4040 1850 (7.0) 98.5 90 ~ 95
NTF40-8040 12000 (45.4) 97.0 40 ~ 60 400 (37.2) 31
NTF80-8040 9500 (35.9) 98.0 80 ~ 90
NTF90-8040 9000 (34.0) 98.5 90 ~ 95
  • Test conditions: 110 psi (0.76 MPa), 2000 ppm NaCl/MgSO4 solution, temperature 25°C, pH=7.0±0.5, 15% recovery.
  • Water production from a single membrane element may vary within ±15%.


Operation limits

Maximum operating pressure 600psi(4.14MPa)
Maximum inlet water temperature 45℃
Maximum inlet water flow 17.0m3/h (8040), 3.6m3/h (4040)
Maximum influent silt density index SDI 5
Allowable free chlorine concentration < 0.1ppm
Maximum pressure drop of a single membrane 10psi(0.07 MPa)
pH range of influent water during continuous operation 3-10
pH range of influent water during short cleaning 1-12


Membrane element size

Module A/inch (mm) B/inch (mm) C/inch (mm)
8040 40(1016) 1.125(29) 7.9(201)

8040 Membrane element size

Module A/inch (mm) B/inch (mm) C/inch (mm)
4040 40(1016) 1.05 (26.7) 7.9(201)

4040 Membrane element size

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