Water treatment NTF membrane


Nanofiltration membrane products developed specifically for industrial water treatment, are mainly used in waste leachate treatment, wastewater decolorization, high saline water reduction, hardness removal, denitrification, and other fields.

With an advanced membrane preparation process and a fully automated production line, the reliability and stability of product performance are guaranteed. NTF series membrane for water treatment combines high water flux, high desalination rate, and high durability, and can be used in different sizes of rolled elements from household 1812 to industrial 8040.

Brother Filtration NTF membrane has industry-leading water production with high water production under low-pressure operating conditions. Also, it is equipped with high removal of total organic carbon (TOC) and sulfate, while allowing moderate or low hardness components to pass through. Additionally, the NTF membrane has the most comprehensive pH cleaning range, tolerating multiple acids and alkaline cleanings in the event of severe contamination.

Brother Filtration always adopts high-quality raw materials with an advanced production line which can guarantee the quality of the membrane products. For those expensive and delicate membrane products, we always recommend our customers preserve them carefully.

Storage conditions for the diaphragms require avoiding sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, and the temperature is between 10-30°C with humidity <60%. And people need to notice that the storage period is 12 months for the original package before splitting, and is recommended to be used within 6 months after receipt.


Brother Filtration always offers high-quality products to our customers. The NTF membrane is made of high-quality raw materials, which enables it to be more strong, more competitive, and more durable.

  • High water flow rate
  • Large filtration area
  • High desalting rate
  • High resistant ability
  • Residential and industrial use are both available
  • Individual package for each product

With the special design, Brother Filtration NTF membrane has high efficiency and better filtration performance. The outstanding and superior NTF membrane is offered by Brother Filtration, and we believe it can satisfy your needs.

  • High water production under low-pressure operating conditions
  • High removal of total organic carbon (TOC) and sulfate
  • Allowing low-hardness components to pass through
  • High efficiency
  • Most comprehensive pH cleaning range
  • Resistant to multiple acids and alkaline cleanings in the event of severe contamination

Product performance

Module Water Output GPD (m3/d) Stable desalting rate (%) Effective membrane are ft2 (m2) Inlet grid thickness (mil)
MgSO4 CaCl2
NTF40-4040 2500 (9.5) 97.0 40 ~ 60 82 (7.6) 31
NTF80-4040 2000 (7.6) 98.0 80 ~ 90
NTF90-4040 1850 (7.0) 98.5 90 ~ 95
NTF40-8040 12000 (45.4) 97.0 40 ~ 60 400 (37.2) 31
NTF80-8040 9500 (35.9) 98.0 80 ~ 90
NTF90-8040 9000 (34.0) 98.5 90 ~ 95
  • Test conditions: 70 psi (0.48 MPa), 500 ppm CaCl2/2000 ppm MgSO4 solution, temperature 25°C, pH=7.0±0.5, 15% recovery.
  • Water production from a single membrane element may vary within ±15%.


Performance parameter

Module Desalting Rate(%) Effective membrane area(ft2 Features
NTF40 30 97.5 Low pressure and high flux
NTF80 24 98.0 High calcium and magnesium ion removal
NTF90 20 98.5 High monovalent ion removal
  • Test conditions: 70 psi (0.48 MPa), 2000 ppm MgSO4 solution, 25°C, pH=7.0±0.5, concentrated water flow rate of 2 L/min.
  • The produced water was collected after 30 minutes of stable operation; the water flux fluctuated in the range of ±10%.
  • Each membrane roll is individually packaged and the normal roll length is about 300 m, but this may change under certain circumstances.


Operation limits

Maximum operating pressure 600psi(4.14MPa)
Maximum inlet water temperature 45℃
Maximum inlet water flow 17.0m3/h (8040), 3.6m3/h (4040)
Maximum influent silt density index SDI 5
Allowable free chlorine concentration < 0.1ppm
Maximum pressure drop of a single membrane 15psi
pH range of influent water during continuous operation 3-10
pH range of influent water during short cleaning 1-12
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