MUNI membrane


Nanofiltration membrane products developed specifically for municipal water treatment are mainly used in the deep treatment of municipal tap water using surface water or groundwater as the source.

For the efficient removal of ions and organic materials, nanofiltration can be used in a range of water and wastewater treatment businesses. Devices with NF membranes are specially made to get rid of viruses from polluted sources. Most of the time, operating parameters including flow rate, temperature, membrane type, virus load, and filter area are optimized for effective and repeatable virus eradication.

Other separation processes, such as centrifugation and chromatographic equipment intended for the purification of a protein molecule, could unintentionally remove viruses in contrast to the NF membrane-based virus eradication technology. In addition, compared to NF membrane approaches, other known strategies for excluding viruses from contaminated water may be more costly and time-consuming.

When we apply the NF technology to municipal water, it can offer better water quality for our residents. After the prefiltration by the depth filter or high flow filter cartridges, the most relatively large particles have been already removed. By utilizing the UF membrane, the invisible and undesired contaminants can be effectively and efficiently stopped by the semi-permeable membrane.

Brother Filtration MUNI membrane has an effective area of the membrane element that can reach 41 square meters, with high water production, low operational energy consumption, and low investment costs.

Besides, it is equipped with a very high removal rate of pathogenic microorganisms, natural organic matter, synthetic organic matter, and disinfection by-products. The product series are abundant and can be applied to different water quality upgrading to meet the demand for healthy drinking water.


Brother Filtration always offers high-quality products to our customers. The MUNI membrane is made of high-quality raw materials, which enables it to suitable for the treatment of underground water and surface water.

  • Underground water and surface water are both suitable
  • Designed for municipal water treatment
  • Better filtration performance
  • Various options for different needs

With the special design, Brother Filtration MUNI membrane has high efficiency and better filtration performance. The outstanding and superior MUNI membrane is offered by Brother Filtration, and we believe it can satisfy your needs.

  • Large filtration area with a high flow rate
  • Low energy consumption and low investment
  • Improve water quality
  • High efficiency to remove microorganism, natural organic matter, and synthetic organic matte
  • Reach the standard of drinking water
  • Disinfection

Product performance

Module Water Output GPD (m3/d) Stable desalting rate (%) Effective membrane are ft2 (m2) Inlet grid thickness (mil)
MgSO4 CaCl2
MUNI-HF-8040 13200 (50.0) 97.0 40 ~ 60 440 (40.9) 28
MUNI-WS-8040 10500 (39.8) 98.0 80 ~ 90
MUNI-HR-8040 10000 (37.9) 98.5 90 ~ 95
  • Test conditions: 70 psi (0.48 MPa), 500 ppm CaCl2/2000 ppm MgSO4 solution, temperature 25°C, pH=7.0±0.5, 15% recovery.
  • Water production from a single membrane element may vary within ±15%.

Operation limits

Maximum operating pressure 300psi(2.07MPa)
Maximum inlet water temperature 45℃
Maximum inlet water flow 17.0m3/h (8040)
Maximum influent silt density index SDI 5
Allowable free chlorine concentration < 0.1ppm
Maximum pressure drop of a single membrane 15psi
pH range of influent water during continuous operation 3-10
pH range of influent water during short cleaning 1-12
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