Membrane filtration is the most advanced and challenging filtration technology. And now, more than UF and RO membrane products, Brother Filtration can also provide you with our new nanofiltration membrane series products.

We have three different types of NF membranes, which are suitable for water treatment, municipal water, and material separations.

With the help of NF membranes, we can get better and softener water. Also, it can be applied to separate the needful metallic from salt lakes or other liquids.


Nanofiltration membranes have the following advantages:

  • Reduction of salt content and dissolved matter content (TDS) in brackish water;
  • Reduction in heavy metals;
  • Reduction in nitrates and sulfates;
  • Reduction in color, tannins, and turbidity;
  • Softens hard water when specific softening membranes are used;
  • Chemical-free e.g. needs no salt or chemicals during operation;
  • the pH of water after nano-filtration is normally non-aggressive;

Suitable for the following applications:

  • Waste leachate
  • Municipal water
  • Water treatment
  • Lithium extraction from separation
  • Material separation
  • Water softener
  • Food and diary
  • Pulp and paper
  • Chemical processing
  • Industrial manufacturing
MUNI membrane

Membrane filtration is a challenging and comprehensive technology. The production, packaging, and preservation, of all these factors, should be taken into consideration and treated carefully.

Brother Filtration always wants to provide better filtration solutions and more advanced filtration elements to our clients. Our new NF membrane products will definitely show you their ability and surprise you with their performance!

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