Filtration is become more and more popular in diverse industries and applications. It is important and essential for many production process, which means we need to choose qualified filter cartridges to do filtration. Otherwise, some bad impacts could be caused by the poor-quality filter cartridge.

How to definite a true qualified industrial level cartridge filter

Many customers are wondering how could they identify the quality of an industrial-level cartridge filter. It is difficult for normal customers to do this, due to a lack of relative knowledge. This article aims to help you solve this problem, and guide you to definitely a good cartridge filter.

The manufacturers in China

We gonna take the PP melt blown cartridge filter as an example. Before we talk about the cartridge filter, let’s have a look at the manufacturers in China.

In China, based on our statistical data in 2017, there are more than 500 factories producing PP melt-blown cartridge filters. Quality levels are uneven. generally speaking, in the market, there are 2 levels.

  • Level 1 is for domestic and commercial treatment.
  • Level 2 is for industrial treatment.
For melt blown cartridge

The big difference between level 1 and level 2 is based on 2 points, which are the PP raw material and the production process, especially during the whole production process, there is always a problem in the factory.

The difficulty during melt-blown production is to accurately control the machine operation temperature in order to realize the graded pore size structure from loose outside tight inside, normally 3-4 pore layer structure.

In general, graded pore structure assures a bigger dirt holding capacity and a longer service lifetime of one piece of the melt-blown cartridge filter.

How to produce an industrial filter cartridge?

It is a direct way to see whether an industrial filter cartridge is qualified, but not everyone has the chance to access directly to the manufacturing process.

However, it is better to know how your melt-blown cartridge filter is produced. Understanding, the basic knowledge about it, can help you identify what a qualified industrial filter cartridge looks like.

How to produce a industrial filter cartridge

We still use the example of melt blown filter cartridge. We will introduce its production process of it below.

melt blown filter cartridge

Firstly, open the machine, and wait for the rising temperature. Once the temperature reached the point we want, the remaining material would be released. And put the mold, then rise the temperature again. The next step is to put PP raw material into the machine.

The material enters the inside of the part machine and breaks into pieces. It can be easily found that the fine fiber is blown out. And worker can set the machine for producing the required size of the cartridge filter. Finally, the melt-blown filter cartridge is done.

The melt is blown filter cartridge with/without graded pore size structure

After all, the information we mentioned above, you must know the importance of the production process and the graded pore size for a melt-blown filter cartridge. Following is the picture that shows the difference when melting is blown cartridge filter with/without graded pore size structure.

1: Outside circle: black (Unqualified)

2: Outside circle: black (Unqualified)

3: from outside to inside all black (Qualified)


Nothing can be more direct than a real picture. A qualified filter cartridge can bring filtration performance beyond your imagination. However, an unqualified filter cartridge will always let you down and affect your productivity.

So, it is essential to choose a reliable industrial filter cartridge in your filtration system, and select a reliable and qualified manufacturer as your supplier. Only by doing this can ensure the quality and performance of your filter system.


For infiltration, no matter industrial, commercial or residential application, a reliable industrial filter cartridge is important and essential. Customers need to pay attention to the selection of a qualified filter cartridge and a qualified filter cartridge manufacturer.

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