As all know, PP melt blown cartridge filter is a standard depth filter widely used in #SWRO# (seawater desalination plant), #ink filtration#,#vegetable oil filtration# #industrial process water pretreatment #.

Circumstance in China

In China, based on our statistical data 2017,there are more than 500 factories producing PP melt blown cartridge filter. Quality levels are unevenness. generally speaking, in the market, there are 2 levels.
Level 1 is for domestic and commercial treatment. ( installation system pic)
Level 2 is for industrial treatment.
The big difference between level 1 and Level 2 is
At point 1: PP raw material
At point 2: The production process
Especially during the whole production process, there is an internal story in this industry.
The difficulty during melt-blown production is to accurately control the machine operation temperature in order to realize the graded pore size structure from loose outside tight inside, normally 3-4 pore layer structure.
In general, graded pore structure assures a bigger dirt holding capacity and the longer service lifetime of one piece of melt blown cartridge filter.
You must wonder what will happen if melt is blown without graded pore size structure and with graded pore size structure?
You can see below picture
 1: Outside circle: black (Unqualified)
 2: Outside circle: black (Unqualified)
 3: from outside to inside all black (Qualified)
melt blown without graded pore size structure


In a conclusion, one PC of good graded pore size structure has a better filtration efficiency longer service lifetime
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