Nylon Pleated Filter Cartridge


A kind of membrane pleated filter cartridge with a wide range of applications

Brother Filtration manufactures Delta Max Nylon 66, which is a depth membrane pleated filter cartridge. Nylon 66 membrane has high-throughput absolute accuracy. When utilized in the production process, nylon membrane filters are made without the use of adhesives, binders, or surfactants. More importantly, they undergo a complete integrity check to guarantee optimal performance at high flow rates.

The Nylon pleated cartridges are the best options for achieving a variety of criteria in the chemical filtration industry, such as final filtration, due to their broad chemical compatibility and thermostability.

Our Nylon 66 cartridge is made up of reinforced nylon and imported non-woven fabrics during filtration. And it has a uniform pore size throughout the membrane for high contaminant retention capacity and flow rates, which is perfect for the use of the electronics industry, such as terminal filtration of high purity water, photoelectric, and semiconductor silicon production.

Brother Filtration provides your gaskets and seals with various material options, which can be compatible with various liquids. So, the Delta Max Nylon 66 is good for the pharmaceutical industry, such as terminal filtration of raw materials, pharmaceutical solvents, injection liquids, injections, infusions, distilled water, and other liquids

In a range of fine filtering applications, nylon membrane pleated filters offer the cleanest process fluids due to their superior filtration performance. The Delta Max Nylon 66 can also apply to the chemical industry, to do filtration like high purity chemicals, including ketones, esters, ethers, high molecular weight alcohols, and alkaline liquids.

Brother Filtration manufactures Nylon 66 filter cartridges without any adhesive. Which makes the Nylon 66 pleated filter a good solution for the food and beverage Industry. It can handle the filtration of pure water, mineral water, fruit juice, beer, and wine.


Brother Filtration Delta Max Nylon 66 pleated filter cartridge is an innovative and competitive product, which has unparallel abilities and highlights. We believe this superb product can fit your needs.

  • Made up of Reinforced Nylon and imported Non-woven fabrics
  • High purity polypropylene hardware construction-inert to many process fluids
  • Non-Fiber Releasing Media
  • Free of additives, binders, and lubricants
  • Filters are Manufactured, Flushed, Tested, and Packaged in a Class 1000 Clean Room Environment

The high-quality Nylon 66 we produced, has amounts of excellent advantages, which make it a better solution for a variety of industry applications.

  • Uniform pore size throughout the membrane
  • High Contaminant Retention Capacity and Flow Rates
  • Better filtration performance
  • Various options for gaskets/seals
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Long service life with consistency of good performance


Filter Media: Nylon 66(NL66)
Hardware: Polypropylene
Center Core: Polypropylene
Supporting Material: Polypropylene
End Caps: Polypropylene
Gasket/O-rings: Silicone,Buna-N,Viton,EPDM,Teflon



Outside Diameter: 2.67″<68mm>
Length: 9.75″~40″<127mm~1016mm>
Specifications can be customized


Operation condition

Retention Ratings:  0.04,0.1,0.2,0.45,0.65,0.8,1.2μm
Maximum Differential Pressure: 75psid<5.1bar>@68℉<20℃>
Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure: 35psid<2.4bar>

Order Information

BDTX -PT -0002 -5 -DOE -E
Product Material Micron Rating Length Connection O-ring
Delta Max nylon 66 NY-nylon 0004=0.04μm
9.75=9.75 inch
10=10 inch
20=20 inch
30=30 inch
40=40 inch
DOE=No Symbol
3=SOE with 222 O-rings, Flat Closed End
8=SOE with 222 O-rings, Fin End
7=SOE with 226 O-rings, Fin End
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