DeltaMax Nylon66 Membrane Filter


Delta Max Nylon 66 is a depth filtration membrane filter element. Nylon 66 membrane is high-throughput absolute precision, and the composite membrane with support has good mechanical properties without any adhesive and no media shedding.


It is widely used in terminal filtration of high-purity water and ultra-pure water and part of solvent filtration. Nylon 66 membrane is safer to use and has better performance.

Products Features of Delta Max Nylon 66

  • Made up of Reinforced Nylon and imported Non-woven fabrics.
  • Uniform Pore Size throughout Membrane for High Contaminant Retention Capacity and Flow Rates.
  • High Purity Polypropylene Hardware Construction-Inert to Many Process Fluids Ensuring Wide Chemical Compatibility.
  • Non-Fiber Releasing Media.
  • Gaskets/seals have various materials, which can be compatible with various liquids.
  • Filters are Manufactured, Flushed, Tested, and Packaged in a Class 1000 Clean Room Environment.

Applications of Delta Max Nylon 66

  • Electronics Industry: Terminal filtration of high purity water, photoelectric, and semiconductor silicon production.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Terminal filtration of raw materials, pharmaceutical solvents, injection liquids, injections, infusions, distilled water, and other liquids.
  • Chemical Industry: Filtration of high purity chemicals, including ketones, esters, ethers, high molecular weight alcohols, and alkaline liquids.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Filtration of pure water, mineral water, fruit juice, beer, and wine.

Technical Data of Delta Max Nylon 66


Filter Media: Nylon 66(NL66)
Hardware: Polypropylene
Center Core: Polypropylene
Supporting Material: Polypropylene
End Caps: Polypropylene
Gasket/O-rings: Silicone,Buna-N,Viton,EPDM,Teflon


Outside Diameter: 2.67″<68mm>
Length: 9.75″~40″<127mm~1016mm>
Specifications can be customized

Operation conditions of Delta Max Nylon 66

Retention Ratings:  0.04,0.1,0.2,0.45,0.65,0.8,1.2μm
Maximum Differential Pressure: 75psid<5.1bar>@68℉<20℃>
Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure: 35psid<2.4bar>

Operation conditions of Delta Max Nylon 66

Ordering Information of Delta Max Nylon 66

BDTX -PT -0002 -5 -DOE -E
Product Material Micron Rating Length Connection O-ring
Delta Max nylon 66 NY-nylon 0004=0.04μm
9.75=9.75 inch
10=10 inch
20=20 inch
30=30 inch
40=40 inch
DOE=No Symbol
3=SOE with 222 O-rings, Flat Closed End
8=SOE with 222 O-rings, Fin End
7=SOE with 226 O-rings, Fin End


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