How to choose reliable melt blown cartridge filter manufacturerIf you always wonder how you can choose one reliable melt blown cartridge filter manufacturer to be as your partner? If you always are worried about the manufacturer of melt blown you selected is not good enough? If your current supplier brings you kinds of problems and cost lose?

Perhaps the following aspects can give you a reference to judge from technical aspect of melt blown and supplier experience. whether you choose a good supplier of melt blown cartridge filter:

1. From melt blown cartridge

1-1. We all know that, melt blown cartridge filter, is also known as spun cartridge filter or spun bonded cartridge filter. normally manufactured polypropylene material.

1-2.   From the appearance, a good melt blown cartridge filter is produced by 100% PP FDA certificated particles. The high-purity PP particles raw material ensure the melt blown cartridges with pure color, no impart taste, high hardness and superior chemical resistance for process fluid applications and other high physical properties. It is the first and important to guarantee melt blown filter’s high performance.

1-3.  From the performance of the melt blown filter element, the high-quality one not only has low pressure drop, high-performance filtration efficiency, but also with long service life, high dirt holding capacity… One of the most important reasons to ensure melt blown cartridge filter with such high performance is that it has a reasonable multilayer structure. Maybe you met some problems such as cartridge with short service life, high pressure drop, low dirty holding, all the results are caused by unreasonable layer structure design…

2. From supplier’s experience

2-1.  A reliable partner is not only supplying good products, but also can work with you to solve the problems you met together. That is why it is important to work with one rich-experienced manufacturer— Can supply your reliable melt blown cartridge based on different projects.

Melt blown cartridge is widely used to liquid prefiltration application, however different projects are with different requests for melt blown cartridges. A reliable partner is able to analyze operation information and recommend you suitable melt blown cartridge and workable solution to meet customers’ demand.

Hope my information is helpful for you to choose one reliable supplier.

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