Are you also wondering how can you choose a reliable melt blown cartridge filter manufacturer as your partner? Are you always worried about whether your manufacturer is good enough? Have you already met all kinds of problems and troubles brings by your current manufacturer? Then, you can not miss out this article.

How to choose reliable melt blown cartridge filter manufacturer

We will from different aspects to analyze what is a good melt-blown filter cartridge and what is a good manufacturer for melt-blown filter cartridge. If you need knowledge in this area, please read the following article carefully.

For melt blown cartridge

The first thing, we want to evaluate a manufacturer, is the quality of the product. We will be based on three different sides to analyze a melt-blown cartridge, if it performs well in all aspects, it would definitely be a good product.

For melt blown cartridge
  • As a conventional depth filter cartridge, melt blown cartridge is also called spun cartridge or spun bonded cartridge filter. Melt blown cartridge filter is made of 100% FDA certificated PP material.
  • From the appearance, the high-purity PP materials ensure that melt blown filter cartridge has a pure color and no unpleasant odor on it. A good melt-blown filter cartridge usually has strong chemical resistance and a rigid structure.
  • From the performance of the melt blown filter cartridge, the high-quality one not only has low pressure drop, high-performance filtration efficiency but also with long service life, and high dirt holding capacity. One of the most important factors to ensure melt blown cartridge filter with such great performance is that it has an appropriate multi-layer structure. Maybe you have met some problems such as cartridge with short service life, high-pressure drop, and low dirty holding, all these results are caused by unreasonable layer structure design.
  • Certification of the melt-blown filter cartridge. There are many professional organizations that help customers to recognize the quality of the products. You can check the certification the melt-blown filter cartridges have, which could help you identify the quality easily.


We could summarize that a good melt-blown filter cartridge must adopt high-quality raw material. At the same time, an appropriate design should be applied to the cartridge filter. Only both the requirements are reached, can the melt is blown filter cartridge has good quality and good filtration performance.

For manufacturer

What we mentioned above is about the quality of melt-blown filter cartridges. Now we talk about the manufacturer, we can evaluate the ability of the manufacturer from the following aspects.

normal melt blown filter cartridge
  • A reliable partner not only supplies good products but also works together with you to solve the problems you met. That is why it is important to work with a rich-experienced manufacturer — Can supply your reliable melt-blown cartridge based on different projects.
  • A capable manufacturer usually has its own factory. Like the manufacturing facility of Brother Filtration, we have our own filter cartridge factory and filter housing factory. A self-owned factory can ensure the quality of the whole production process. The manufacturer can directly control every step in production.
  • R&D team and experienced workers are both important to a good manufacturer. The most advanced technology and great design of filter cartridges can be provided by the R&D team. The experienced and professional workers can contact and make the filter products with their hands, their ability of them can be deeply connected to the performance of the filter cartridge.
  • Besides the manufacturing facility, the service is another key point. A reliable manufacturer has the ability to offer pre-sale and after-sale services. From customization to production, from package to transportation, all steps can be ensured by the manufacturer.


We can summarize that a good and reliable manufacturer usually owns a factory to do the production. And it has the ability to be responsible for the whole process.


It is dazzled when facing so many manufacturers, and it is troubling for customers to select a reliable and capable manufacturer. We deeply know the difficulty of customers, so we summarize all the influenced factors, and write this article. From melt-blown filter cartridges and manufacturers, there are many references that help us to identify them.

Brother Filtration has years of filtration experience and designs and manufactures all kinds of filter products to fulfill diverse needs.

Due to years of development, we are able to manufacture melt-blown filter cartridges with varied specifications like groove, orange peel, and hairy surface finish or equipped with different SOE/DOE end caps. If you are searching for a reliable manufacturer or you have any problems with filtration, please feel free to contact us.

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