Human plasma contains a large number of therapeutically valuable proteins such as albumin, various immunoglobulins, factor VIII, fibronectin, and other proteins. The process of extracting and purifying these proteins is known as plasma isolation.

Plasma separation is achieved through a series of extraction and precipitation steps. Impurities in the plasma, which can cause product instability and clogging of downstream filters, must be removed using pre-filters.

The solution is also clarified and impurities removed prior to chromatography and ultrafiltration. For the decontamination of heat-sensitive proteins, final decontamination filtration is usually used.

Blood product

Our separation goal

  • Pre-filtration

Remove gums, aggregates, non-target proteins, lipids, and particles prior to downstream purification and protect downstream sterile filtration or chromatography columns.

  • Sterilization filtration

Control the level of microorganisms in the production process.

  • Final filtration

Offering sterilization filtration meets the regulations and laws.

Requirements by application

  • Pre-filtration must be able to remove impurities without retaining the target product.
  • To ensure production time and costs, filter applications with consistently high flow rates and high throughput.
  • The filter must not contaminate the material solution, especially metals such as aluminum.

Recommended filters

Step of filtration Recommended filters
Pre-filtration Glass fiber/PP pleated filter cartridge
Air/Gas Filtration Hydrophobic PTFE pleated filter cartridge
Final filtration PES membrane pleated filter cartridge
sterile venting


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