inner scraper self-cleaning filter


One type of self-cleaning filter is the inner scraper self-cleaning filter, which rotates a scraper that is powered by a motor or air cylinder to remove contaminants from the inner surface of the filter screen. It relates to the filtering of liquids with a medium to high viscosity. It is possible to find stainless steel sheet scrapers and stainless steel brush scrapers.

The liquid enters the filter element through the inlet, passes through it, and then exits the outlet. On the inner surface of the filter element, impurities are captured.

A timer setting or a differential pressure sensor can be used to start the cleaning process when the amount of pollutants trapped on the surface of the filter element reaches a specified level. The scraper blades attached to the filter element’s surface are rotated and contaminants are scraped off by the speed reducer or cylinder.

These contaminants land at the filter’s base. The high concentration liquid must be drained out for recycling on a regular basis using the drain valve at the bottom of the filter.

The same as the other self-cleaning filter, the inner scraper self-cleaning filter can also do continuous filtration for 24 hours, which can significantly reduce the downtime and labour, and accordingly improve the efficiency. Besides, it can automatically discharge the waste liquid which contains high concentration impurities. And this process reduces the waste of high-value materials.

Due to its closed structure, the leakage problem can be prevented and the working environment and employee’s health can be protected. The dirt-holding capacity is improved by the stainless steel sheet scraper and stainless steel brush scraper.

If the customer needs it, the backwash function also can be added to the filter. Brother Filtration always manufactures products according to customers’ requests.


Reasonable design and high-quality raw materials contribute to the superior and competitive product. Brother Filtration inner scraper self-cleaning filter can be a good choice for your automatic system.

  • Help to collect the high-value materials
  • Reduce downtime and labour
  • Improve efficiency
  • Customizable housing materials
  • High-quality scraper material
  • Suitable for medium and highly viscosity liquids

The inner scraper self-cleaning filter can be adjusted to your needful filter rating with automatic charge. It is convenient and easy to collect the material you want to reuse. If you are looking for an automatic and continuous filter, the inner scraper self-cleaning filter can be a perfect choice.

  • Fully automatic operation, 24-hour continuous online filtration
  • Automatically discharge waste liquids
  • Closed filtration to prevent the leakage
  • Higher dirt-holding capacity and prevention for crushing impurities
  • The backwash function can be added
  • PLC-based control system
  • Filter rating from 25μm to 3000μm

Maximum flow 1.5~110m³/h
Operating pressure 0.1MPa~1.6MPa(10 bar)
Inlet&Outlet nominal diameter DN50~DN200
Drain Outlet nominal diameter DN25~DN50
Operating temperature ~200℃
Filter rating 25μm~3000μm
Filter area 2200cm²~5600cm²
Electronic control parameter 0.37 kW, 380 V / 50 Hz / three-phase
Control cabinet Two-phase 220 V / 50 Hz
Air supply requirements 5 SCFM / (m3/h)
Mini. Pressure 0.4 MPa, Max
Pressure 0.8 MPa
Scraper material SS304, SS316L, Stainless Steel Wire
Filter element material SS304, SS316L
Filter housing material Carbon Steel, SS304, SS316L, Customized

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